About four in ten LINE users have witnessed account hijacking


When I first read the headline figure I thought it was rather high, but the text mentioned hijacking included friends’ Facebook posts promoting sunglasses, which I was seeing about once every couple of weeks last year, although it seems better recently. Anyway, this survey from the chat and SNS service LINE was into the security literacy of their members in the run-up to their “Cyber Disaster Prevention Day” on the 9th of June.

Just to fill up some space, here is a UFO Catcher full of LINE characters:

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Research results

Q1: Have you ever had these experiences on an SNS, other internet service? (Sample size=1940, multiple answer)

Had my account hijacked7%
Family member had account hijacked3%
Friend, acquaintance had account hijacked30%
None of the above62%

Q2: Which of the following internet trouble-related terms do you know in detail? (Sample size=1940, multiple answer)

Account hijacking71%
Virus, malware56%
SMS authentication code51%
Phishing site, mail45%
Two-factor authentication44%
Targeted attack14%

Q3: On an everyday basis, how aware are you of internet, device, etc security? (Sample size=1929)

 Very muchSomewhatNot reallyNot at all
Female, 20-398%54%35%3%
Housewife, 20-394%47%48%2%

Q4: When using internet services, which of the following do you usally try to do? (Sample size=1929, multiple answer)

Don’t click links in dodgy-looking email, LINE messages74%
Don’t use easy-to-remember PINs like 1234, 0000, etc70%
Don’t use my birthday, house number, other relevant-to-me numbers as PINs54%
Switch on screen lock passwords for PC, smartphone41%
Don’t keep a memo on my smartphone of passwords, credit card numbers, etc41%
Regularly update pattern files for virus software28%
Use different passwords for different services19%
None of the above4%

Q5: Which of the following LINE features do you know about? (Sample size=1940, multiple answer)

How to block dodgy LINE accounts20%
How to prevent logins to the LINE store from PC and iPad11%
How to forceably log out logins I don’t recognise8%
How to report hijacked accounts7%
None of the above68%


Recently LINE asked 1,940 users of its service aged between 15 and 69 years old to complete a private internet-based questionnaire. No further information was provided.

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