Eye care supplement company finds smartphone users could use eye care supplements


This survey into smartphone use is not much more than a thinly-veiled advertisement for Fancl’s Sumaho Enkin, a blueberry-based supplement that allegedly helps eyes tired from too much smartphone use, but I think it is sufficiently interesting regardless.

I never touch my smartphone in bed (wife won’t allow it!) and I have to return home if I leave my smartphone, as it has my train ticket on it!

This turned up when I searched for Blueberry Eye:


Research results

Q1: Have you ever experienced tired eyes when using a smartphone? (Sample size=500)


Q2: What is a smartphone to you? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

My favourite thing, a treasured hobby43%
An essential shopping tool40%
A part of me that holds all my data30%
A video display that entertains me26%
A partner I cannot bear to be more than 30 centemetres away from23%
A business partner for managing my ideas, contacts, etc17%
A music player that heals me and cheers me up14%
More reliable that my lover, spouse or family6%
A valuable book reader filled with novels and manga6%
Don’t know13%

Q3: Do you usually fiddle with your smartphone in bed before you sleep? (Sample size=500)


Q4: If you realise you left your smartphone at home, have you ever returned for it even if you’d be late for your appointments? (Sample size=500)


Q5: How long do you think you could bear being without your smartphone? or How long did you actually bear being without your smartphone? (Sample size=500)

 Experienced loss
Not experienced loss
Half a day43%58%
One day33%23%
Two days or more24%19%


Between the 10th and 16th of March 2017 500 people of both sexes aged between 20 and 49 completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All the sample reported using a smartphone for more than one hour a day on average.

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