Pak chi (cilantro) disliked by almost half the Japanese


This survey from @nifty looked at Chinese and other Asian dishes.

I’ve not tried much Chinese food in Japan, but it does have the image to me of being like the cheap carry-outs I remember from Scotland. I’ve not tried much Korean either, but I’ve at least had a reasonable number of the South-East Asian dishes.

There’s a Bamiyan Chinese restaurant just one minute walk from my house, but I won’t go in: it’s half smoking with very little separation, and anyway, I have some degree of misophonia, with noodle slurping being my biggest pet hate (excessive plastic bag rustling in the train is another), so I couldn’t possibly enjoy any food.

I rather like pak chi; I think the first time I encountered it was a Vietnamese restaurant in Shinjuku, and since I’ve also had pak chi crisps (nice!) and pak chi lemonade, which was interesting.

Here’s some random gyoza:


Research results

Q1: What Chinese dishes do you like? (Sample size=3,146, multiple answer)

Gyoza (pot sticker)83.2%79.4%
Chahan (fried rice)72.5%60.0%
Mabo dofu (tofu in spicy sauce)63.5%51.1%
Chili prawn55.1%57.6%
Sweet and sour pork54.8%47.5%
Chinese soba noodles, tantanmen55.1%41.5%
Chashu (steamed pork)51.0%45.0%
Shoronpo (steamed bun)46.6%58.6%
Spring roll46.3%56.9%
Chukaman (meat-filled steamed bun)43.8%47.6%
Chinese fried noodles44.3%42.4%
Hoikoro (stir-fried pork and cabbage)43.7%32.1%
Annin dofu (almond milk jelly)34.8%50.8%
None in particular2.7%1.9%

Q2: What image do you have of Chinese food? (Sample size=3,146, multiple answer)

Can enjoy with large groups54.4%56.4%
Strong flavour42.6%42.2%
High calorie35.9%39.4%
Large volume36.7%31.2%
Lots of vegetables to eat29.1%33.7%
Goes well with rice25.6%25.8%
Working class, cheap24.4%22.9%
Goes well with alcohol19.8%9.6%
Gets served quickly9.7%8.0%
Fine dining6.7%6.8%
Nothing in particular4.6%2.4%

Q3: Which of the following Chinese restaurant chains have you been to? (Sample size=3,146, multiple answer, top ten)

Rank Percentage
1Gyoza no Ohsho66.7%
4Osaka Ohsho33.0%
6Ginza Aster26.9%
7Toh-ten Koh26.4%
9Benitora Gyoza Bo15.7%
10Gyoza no Manshu8.5%

Q4: What Korean dishes do you like? (Sample size=3,146, multiple answer)

Reimen (cold noodles)30.3%33.7%
Namul (vegetables in sesame oil)20.0%37.7%
Bulgogi (grilled beef)20.2%22.2%
Sundubu Jjigae (tofu stew)17.3%24.3%
Korean style wakame seaweed soup14.9%21.1%
Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)14.3%21.5%
Samgyeopsal (grilled belly pork)14.7%15.0%
Yukhoe (raw steak) soup14.3%12.6%
Jap chae noodles8.0%20.1%
Tteok-bokki (spicy rice cake)7.1%12.0%
Dak galbi (spicy chicken stir fry)6.5%7.3%
Nothing in particular30.8%19.9%

Q5: What South-East Asian dishes have you eaten? (Sample size=3,146, multiple answer)

Fresh spring roll40.7%69.5%
Tom yun soup (Thai hot and sour soup)42.4%51.3%
Pho noodles37.3%55.1%
Green curry31.2%46.4%
Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice)22.9%43.3%
Gapao (Thai chicken with basil)12.8%29.0%
Red curry14.0%21.8%
Pad thai (stir fry noodles)11.8%22.3%
Massaman curry9.7%15.9%
Khao man gai (Thai chicken)7.1%13.6%
Thai suki (hot pot)7.0%9.6%
Green papaya salad5.2%13.1%
Bahn mi (Vietnam sandwich)3.2%7.3%
Nothing in particular33.2%16.4%

Q6: Do you like pak chi (Thai coriander, cilantro)? (Sample size=3,146)

Love it!4.5%
Like it11.0%
It’s OK37.9%
Dislike it35.3%
Hate it!11.4%


Between the 21st of April and the 4th of May 2017 3,146 members of the @nifty montior group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographic information was presented.

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