What you never wanted to know about female otaku


This survey starts off entertaining, but towards the end it gets a bit odd, perhaps due to my poor translation of some of the terms… I hope that doesn’t spoil this look at what things Japanese people didn’t want to learn about female otaku.

Note that the “favourite” here could be either a real person like a comic artist, or a 2D character from a favourite author.

Number 2 might be a disappointment to many of my readers! Number 6 was the one for me that I didn’t want to know.

These three probably qualify as female otaku, for their own particular brand of fashion:

Lolita Goth

Ranking result

Q: Which of the following did you most not want to learn about female otaku? (Sample size=500)

Rank Votes
1Her personality on Twitter versus in real life are utterly different59
2She would be OK with a husband that understood her otaku-ness, but wouldn’t want to marry an otaku58
3She honestly thinks male otaku are just soft-core44
4Her weekends schedule is full for the next six months41
5She celebrates her favourite artist, character’s birthday more than her own40
6She’s asked a friend to tidy up her room were she to suddenly drop dead38
7She has bought an expensive television, camera, etc just because of her favourite37
8=As she spends too much money on her favourite, she cannot buy clothes for herself36
8=She is happy her favourite pressurises her budget36
10=When she meets like-minded people her speech suddenly speeds up35
10=She has multiple SNS accounts35
10=If she had to compare her boyfriend with her favourite, it would her favourite35
13She presented her favourite to her non-otaku friends and they were drawn in34
14Her room is filled to the brim with her favourite’s goods32
15She buys two of books, DVDs she likes; one for keeping31
16At gokon dating parties, if the conversation turns to comics she gets far too talkative30
17She has daydreamed about living out her old age surrounded by friends with the same hobby29
18When out, if she suddenly encounters a moe (cute) situation, she hides a grin behind her hand28
19=She won’t queue 30 minutes for a restaurant, but will spend hours waiting for her favourite27
19=As her room is filled to the brim with her favourite’s goods, sudden visitors are a problem27
21=She has a blog, Twitter account she has never told anyone about26
21=So as not to get outed as an otaku, she pays more attention than average to fashion26
23=She smiles when she wears accessories of her favourite’s image colour25
23=As she has her favourite, she is happy and has no desire to marry25
23=She can do her own nails artistically25
26She spends days off at home carefully considering her favourite, and doesn’t go out24
27=If she sees someone who might have the same hobby, so as not to damage the community, she doesn’t really talk to them at all22
27=She knows all about the female otaku heavens of Ikebukuro and Nakano22
29=Her imagination knows no bounds, but only her voice is cutely attractive21
29=She unconsciously mixes up “commercial magazine”, “ordinary user magazine”, etc21
31=She practises an appropriate song for her favourite at karaoke19
31=Saturdays and Sundays off is a must when she chooses a job19
33She gets angry when someone suggests “Do you fancy marrying him?” about her favourite17
34Although she doesn’t work in design she has an LCD tablet/screen hybrid15


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 22nd and 27th of March 2017 500 members, 50:50 male and female and aged between 20 and 39 years old, of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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