How to annoy young Japanese women on Facebook


Today’s survey is from goo Ranking, looking at what kinds of posts by female friends to Facebook, etc, annoy other young women

Being neither young nor female makes it difficult to comment, but I get annoyed most by show-off fathers, although I fortunately only know the one on Facebook. I would like to imagine that all my father friends are now wondering if I am talking about them…

Ranking results

Q: What kinds of posts by female friends to Facebook, etc, annoy you? (Sample size=1,005, multiple answer)

Rank Votes
1Posting a selfie with the comment “I wish I was beautiful!”, despite being rather good looking462
2Posting “I want to die already!” indicating mental health issues308
3Posting a selfie with the comment “I really am ugly!”, despite being rather good looking307
4Posting a selfie with the comment “Sorry, no make-up!”, despite being made up252
5Posting a selfie with her best face with the comment “I want to get plastic surgery!”240
6Posting a picture of her being a nuisance237
7Posting her pent-up hatred for a particular person190
8Posting a photo and details of her ill child187
9Posting a picture to show off her child181
10Posting a mysterious poem172
11Posting about politics, religion167
12Posting about being the victim when she’s actually the culprit160
13Posting starting with “Today’s thanks are to:” or “Thanks to everyone:”157
14Reposting fake news, urban legends152
15Posting about how she’s so busy at work140
16Posting maternity photos134
17Posting a series of photos of her disease’s progress130
18=Not posting directly saying she has a boyfriend, but posting broad hints126
18=Posting photos with blowing her own trumpet hashtags #besttranslationever126
20Posting completely in English123
21=Posting “Oops, forgot to photgraph the meal” with a picture of the left-over crumbs119
21=Posting a photo with an unnecessary brand item in the shot119
23Posting about the details of her dates117
24Posting a photo to show how close her friends are116
25Posting a photo of today’s fashion coordination115
26Posting “My present to myself for working so hard!”113
27=Posting “To someone’s name, thanks for everything”110
27=Snarling at a famous person110
29Posting about how she buttered someone up105
30Posting a mile-long post about what she did today95
31Posting a completed email conversation to Facebook for some reason92
32Posting a selfie along details of a visit to a beauty parlour83
33Posting “I went to meet someone’s name80
34Rehashing some personality’s practise (perhaps diet, KonMari, etc?)77
35-Posting some boring thing as if it were the funniest thing ever73
35=Posting lyrics of a famous song73
37Posting “I made this with the fridge left-overs”59
38Posting “I was gifted something or other!”48


Between the 10th and 15th of March 2017 goo Rankings asked NTTCom Research’s monitor group to complete an internet-based questionnaire. 1,005 women in their twenties or thirties answered the survey, but no further demographics were given.

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