Worries about Buddhist services


A bit of a curious topic here, a look at worries about Buddhist services, conducted by the graveyard intermediary service, Ohaka no Hikkoshi or Graveyard Moving Service, as one of their services includes moving interred ashes from one location to another.
Having just recently used Buddhist funeral and grave services, fortunately my denomination has a very smooth funeral service, and since my wife’s family has certain connections, we got various free upgrades. I suppose the only worry is the home altar butsudan, as most of them seem to be made of the cheapest veneered chipboard, but priced as if they are chiselled out of the finest virgin ebony.

Research results

Q1: Which kind of Buddhist matters do you most worry about? (Sample size=698)

Funeral services34.2%
Relationship with the temple11.6%
Butsudan (home altar)9.0%
Other services18.3%
Other matters9.5%

Q2: Regarding the answer to Q1, who have you discussed, resolved your worries with? (Sample size=698)

Family, relatives26.4%
Funeral directors12.0%
Looked up on internet7.7%
Butsudan shop3.0%
Headstone shop2.1%
City hall1.4%
Consulted books, magazines0.7%
Haven’t discussed, resolved anything (to SQ)28.5%

Note that the below wasn’t actually a question as the survey company derived it from the answers to Q1 and Q2.

Q2SQ: Which kind of Buddhist matters that you most worry about have you not discussed, resolved?

Funeral services24.6%
Relationship with the temple15.1%
Other services10.6%
Butsudan (home altar)7.5%
Other matters14.6%


Between the 1st and 8th of March 2017 698 people aged 40 years or older of both sexes completed an internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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