One in four Japanese fancy buying the Nintendo Switch


Will you buy a Nintendo Switch? graph of japanese statistics

With the Nintendo Switch now released, this survey is perhaps slightly outdated, but regardless, here is a look at purchase intentions regarding the Nintendo Switch.

The 1-2-Switch party game pack looks like fun after a night in the pub, I suppose, and the adverts for the Zelda title look lovely, but who knows how the game play actually is!

This might be another nice title?

Splatoon 2 Announced At Nintendo Switch Conference

Research results

Q1: Will you buy a Nintendo Switch? (Sample size=54,982)

 Yes, reserved one
To SQ1
Probably will
To SQ1
Don’t plan to
To SQ2
Fifties plus3.9%17.0%79.1%

Q1SQ1: What one thing made you decide to, want to buy a Nintendo Switch?

It’s a new Nintendo40.5%
The new Zelda title25.9%
Other Nintendo first-party titles are scheduled to be released16.8%
Always buy new game machines4.4%
Non-Nintendo third-party titles are scheduled to be released2.6%
Want to play “1-2-Switch”2.1%

Q1SQ2: Why won’t you buy a Nintendo Switch? (Multiple answer)

Basic features do not excite me30.7%
No time to play games20.7%
Current games are sufficient19.7%
No eye-catching titles16.9%
Didn’t know it existed14.9%
Device is expensive12.1%


No specific demographics were given, but it would appear that 54,982 people who use the Famicon Gamer gaming news site completed a survey. It might have been members-only, but I don’t know for sure. The survey was available until the 3rd of March 2017, the release date of the Nintendo Switch.

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