Almost two in three Japanese dissatisfied with their sleep


How satisfied are you with your sleep? graph of japanese statistics

IDC Otsuka furniture chain recently released the results of a survey they conducted last year into sleep, in apparently an effort to sell some mattresses, given that the second half of the press release was an advertisement for some mattresses.

I’m totally dissatisfied with my sleep; the sleep itself is sound enough, but far too short. If you count sleeping on the train, and on the sofa at home, I think I just manage five hours…

In Japan chronic sleep deprivation starts from an early age:

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Research results

Q1: How satisfied are you with your sleep? (Sample size=995)

Totally satisfied3.2%
Somewhat satisfied32.8%
Somewhat dissatisfied50.7%
Totally dissatisfied13.4%

Q2: Would you like to improve your sleep duration? (Sample size=995)

Want to increase34.4%
Want to increase, but cannot28.9%
Satisifed with current length21.1%
Not dissatisfied with current length6.4%
Want to decrease1.6%
Not bothered7.5%

Q3: How satisfied are you with your bedding? (Sample size=995)

Totally satisfied5.4%
Somewhat satisfied47.3%
Somewhat dissatisfied33.8%
Totally dissatisfied7.5%
Don’t know5.9%

Q4: What would your expectations be for improving your sleep duration? (Sample size=995, multiple answer)

Feel joy40.4%59.6%
Get rid of tiredness39.4%60.6%
Feel lively36.4%63.6%
Performance improve all day41.3%58.7%
Lose fuzzy feeling in head42.8%57.7%
Life will become livelier34.5%65.5%
Smile more30.6%69.4%
Be more considerate of others30.1%69.9%
Lose weight20.3%86.5%
Skin condition, overall beauty will increase34.3%65.7%
Be brighter all day41.7%58.3%
Advance at work41.7%58.3%
Can take part in early morning activities22.7%77.3%

Q5: When buying bedding, which are you most particular about? (Sample size=995)

Quilt, blanket12.9%
Bedware; sheets, pillowcase, quilt cover7.1%

Q6: How long do you sleep on average on weekdays? (Sample size=995)

Less than three hours0.5%
Three to four hours2.9%
Four to five hours12.5%
Five to six hours29.7%
Six to seven hours33.3%
Seven to eight hours16.9%
More than eight hours4.2%


Between the 9th and 12th of July 2016 995 people of both sexes and aged between 20 and 59 years old completed an internet-based questionnaire. Further demographics, or information on how the sample was selected was not given.

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