Over 85% of non-smokers try to avoid smoky places


Will you sit in smoking areas? graph of japanese statistics
A hot topic in Japan, and the subject of bills currently being drafted in response to the requirement from the IOC for the Olympic host city to be smoke-free, is smoking and non-smoking, the subject of a survey by IRRC and their Hoken Clinic insurance sales shops.

The current proposal is to make every eating and drinking establishment over 30 square metres either all non-smoking or to have a walled-off smoking area.

The current situation is such that I basically do not go out to eat anywhere other than shopping malls and department store restaurant floors as places there are either smoke-free or clearly labelled as smoking, so I know where to avoid. It annoys me greatly that all the news coverage has shop-owners moaning about losing business, yet in the rest of the world smoking bans have led overall to more customers, but such an opinion is never touched upon.

Unfortunately, when we have work dos, despite no-one in our team choosing to smoke, it is invariably a smoking restuarant we end up in.

Research results

Q1: Places to smoke are decreasing; how do you feel about this? (Sample size=600)

Get rid of them all5.3%34.0%
Decrease them more16.3%23.7%
OK as it is45.0%34.3%
Increase them33.3%8.0%

Q2: Is it necessary to have separate smoking and non-smoking areas in pubs, restaurants? (Sample size=600)

Don’t know12.0%8.3%

Q3: What kinds of of tobacco do you smoke? (Sample size=300, smokers, multiple answer)

Electronic tobacco22
Kiseru, traditional Japanese pipe6
Smokeless tobacco3
Hookah (water) pipe2

Q4: Have you ever tried quitting smoking? (Sample size=300, smokers, multiple answer)

Yes, many times23.0%
Yes, once26.7%

Q5: What prompted you to try quitting? (Sample size=300, smokers, multiple answer)

For health4824
Tobacco price rise3823
Got ill205
People close to me asked me to164
I/spouse had a baby612
Just because108
People close to me quit61

Q6: For what reasons do you want to smoke? (Sample size=300, smokers, multiple answer)

When I want to relax9447
When annoyed7442
To enjoy life4728
Love the taste3921
Just because2815
When I want to concentrate2616
When I’m idle3010
When I get sleepy61

Q7: Have you ever smoked? (Sample size=300, non-smokers)

Yes (to SQ)28.0%

Q7SQ: What prompted you to quit? (Sample size=84, multiple answer)

For health2812
Tobacco price rise135
Got ill135
Just because106
I/spouse had a baby52
People close to me asked me to40
People close to me quit12
Moved house01
Changed jobs10

Q8: What bad manners by smokers bother you? (Sample size=300, non-smokers, multiple answer)

Smoking while walking104113
Throwing fag ends away99105
Smell of tobacco7798
Smoking by children7584
Smoking in non-smoking area7574
Smoking in restaurants5570
Blowing smoke in people’s faces5865
Lighting up without asking permission4647
Smoking outside the boundaries of public smoking areas4243
None in particular1511

Q9: Will you visit places that allow smoking, sit in smoking areas? (Sample size=300, non-smokers)

Definitely not26.7%
Very reluctant to17.3%
Try to avoid if possible41.3%
Not really bothered8.0%
Not bothered at all6.7%


Between the 1st and 6th of February 2017 600 people, 300 smokers, 300 non-smokers aged between 20 and 60 years old completed an internet-based questionnaire. No further information was given.

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