What tourist information people check before coming to Japan


The Japan information site DiGJAPAN, which runs various lanugage Facebook pages and apps for tourists, recently counted up the number of views on their various Facebook articles, and came up with 2016’s most popular Facebook pages for inbound tourists.

The rankings were generated from the number of Likes for their 2,072 articles in various languages that they published between January and November 2016.

Here’s a rather wobbly video of a visit to the Minions Room:

Travellers from Taiwan, Hong Kong

1Osaka: Hotel Universal Port Minions Room
2Osaka: Kuromon Market Street Food
3Osaka: Japan’s Longest Covered Shooping Street Tenjinbashisuji
4Tokyo, Asakusa: World’s Strongest Green Tea Ice Cream
5Kamakura: Taiwan Power Blogger Recommended Route

Travellers from Thailand

1Yokohama: Pikachu Parade
2Osaka: Hotel Universal Port Minions Room
3All Japan Money Luck Power Spots
4Tokyo, Asakusa: World’s Strongest Green Tea Ice Cream
5Seven Medicines Recommended by Matsumoto Kiyoshi Pharmacy Staff

Travellers from Europe, North America

1Explaining Valentine’s Day in Japan
2Ibaraki: Oarai Isosaki Shrine
3Sushi-Making Kit
4Miyasaki: Funaokajoseki Park Cherry Blossoms
5Sake Kit-Kat

Travellers from Korea

1Popular Drug Store Products That Can Be Bought On Amazon
2Osaka: Five Hot Springs Day Trips
3Rilakkuma New Character: Little Yellow Bear Cub
4Kobe: Tsubo Pot Pudding
5Sake Kit-Kat

Travellers from Singapore

1How To Enjoy Green Tea Cocktails
2Miyasaki: Funaokajoseki Park Cherry Blossoms
3Tokyo, Shinjuku: NEWoMan Store Open
4Toyama: Doramon Tram
5Amezaiku Sugar Art

Travellers from Indonesia

1Kumamon Package Design Kumamoto Tea Kit-Kat
2Osaka: Dotonbori Konamon Museum
3Izu: Kawazu Cherry Blossoms
4Karuizawa Illuminations
5Halal Osechi
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