Business book titles that tempt Japanese to read further


goo Ranking chose a bunch of business book titles and presented them to their monitor group to choose the titles that made people want to learn about the contents.

Note that all the title translations are my original work, but there might be official English titles for some of them.

Number three sounds most curious, but I’ve not travelled in the Green Car enough (ie, never) to make any judgement as to where it is true or not. I can quite understand number one, but some of the ones like “Being good at cosplay equals being good at work!” just sound a bit too forced to be worth picking up.

Number 6 says successful people don’t drink can coffee, but here’s proof that a world executive boss has can coffee:

Boss coffee in green

Ranking result

Q: Which of these business book titles makes you most want to find out more about them? (Sample size=500)

Rank Votes
1Go get a part-time job at McDonalds when you turn 35!65
2Why didn’t the black goat read the white goat’s letter?65
3Why are they a lot of baldies in the Green Car [train business class]?58
4The courage to take your underpants off54
5Why are baldies now cool the world over?47
6Successful people don’t drink can coffee46
7=Stupid talk is always lengthy44
7=Salesmen, take your pants off!44
9Immediate answers from a stupid person43
10=Oh, I just can’t be bothered, just pay me overtime, please40
10=Did Tora san [lead character in “It’s Tough being a Man”] pay his taxes?40
12=Q. “I cannot do my job”, “I’m also unattractive”, “I’ve never had a girlfriend” – please find a girlfriend within a month39
12=Being good at cosplay equals being good at work!39
14How far does one have to go to get fired? Introduction to labour law for salarymen38
15=Successful people like ginger-fried pork for lunch36
15=Please explain sales work in two kanji characters36
17=It’s not important for world elites, but this business book will be quite useful for ordinary people34
17=Call your boss an idiot34
19=Men who get things done have affairs32
19=Techniques for butting in32
21The D in Monkey D Luffy [lead character in One Piece manga] is for [Peter] Drucker31
22=Book reading techniques for idiots27
22=Even if they’ve run off without paying the bill, don’t employ part-timers27
22=If the company has really sound reasoning but you lose the will to work, don’t be crushed along with a heart-breaking company27
25How to read financial statements in one second!23
26All I need to know about company life I learnt on a tuna boat22
27Techniques for Harvard-style parties21


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 2nd and 7th of December 2016 500 members, 50:50 male and female and agend between 20 and 39 years old, of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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