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Today many of my non-Japan resident readers will be off work for Boxing Day, so perhaps it might be appropriate to look at what makes you want to punch your boss, a goo Ranking survey into verbal harassment from one’s boss irritates people enough to make them want to quit their job.

I had a search for “power harassment”, what Japan calls workplace bullying by a boss, and found this poster illustrating three kinds of harassment that a university offers counselling services for, from top to bottom, sexual harassment, power harassment and academic harassment.

Hosei University, Ichigaya Campus: Poster of Campaign Against Harassment

Ranking result

Q: What verbal harassment from your boss irritates you enough to want to quit your job? (Sample size=3,501)

Rank Votes
1Clicking of the tongue296
2“There’s plenty of people who could do your job”285
3“Didn’t your parents teach you anything?”206
4“Salary thief!”203
5“There’s a lot of leeway here…”191
6“You’re no use”176
7“Why don’t you quit?”159
8“When I was your age…”157
10“You don’t know that either?”135
11“You’ll not die from a little less sleep”126
12“Just get started and ask questions whenever”122
13“Don’t come and ask me!”113
14“Are you eager to work?”110
15“That’s because this is something you don’t know”96
16“That’s just common sense!”79
17“I keep telling you the same things”77
18“Are you going home already?”76
19“Hurry up and get married”66
20“I’m busy right now so come back later”65
21“Call yourself an adult?”64
22“What were you doing at school?”60
23“You’re upsetting the balance of the team”56
24“You’ve finaly finished it”54
25“Work as if your life depended on it”53
26“Are you going drinking today?”48
27“I’ve got expectations for you”46
28“I can’t believe it!”40
29“A youngster would be better”36
30“Answer me properly!”29


Between the 13th and 27th of October 2016 3,501 visitors to the goo Ranking web site and related services self-selected to complete a public questionnaire. No further demographics were available.

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  1. AF said,
    January 7, 2017 @ 10:54

    I think #5 is probably bullying about the yutori-education generation.
    5位 これだからゆとりは・・
    “This is why, it’s the yutori [generation]”

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