Most Japanese users satisfied with Windows 10


How satisfied are you with your Windows 10 computer? graph of japanese statistics
A recent survey by the electrical superstore chain Edion into Windows 10 usage found that although satisfaction was high with their Windows 10 computer, slightly less were actually impressed with Windows 10 itself, suggesting that a good number of people liked their faster machine despite the operating system.

We’ve done the free upgrade to Windows 10 here, and although it’s less messy than Windows 8, as a power user the big blocky menus get in the way and overall feels a bit dumbed down. I’m happier with Ubuntu Linux at the office and some Debian version on my blogging netbook! How have my readers found Windows 10?

Research results

Q1: Have you bought a new Windows 10 computer? (Sample size=1,545)


Q2A: How satisfied are you with your Windows 10 computer? (Sample size=2,450)

Very satisfied17.5%
Can’t say either way31.7%

Q2B: How satisfied are you with your Windows 10 computer? (Sample size=1,546)

Bought new
Very satisfied10.8%18.1%
Can’t say either way42.5%30.5%

Q3: How was your impression of Windows 10? (Sample size=2,446)

 Before using
After using
Very good3.7%7.4%
Can’t say either way62.3%48.1%

Q4: Would you recommend Windows 10 to people who haven’t installed it yet? (Sample size=2,430)

Very much5.2%
Can’t say either way50.6%

Q5: What kind of Windows 10 computer do you have? (Sample size=2,430)

Notebook with touch panel15.5%
Desktop with touch panel2.3%
Tablet/notebook hybrid2.8%

Q6: What do you use your Windows 10 computer for mainly? (Sample size=2,447, up to five answers)

Email, internet91.9%
On-line shopping62.0%
Information gathering57.0%
Managing photos, video43.3%
Travel planning, booking35.6%
Watching video28.8%
Preparing reports, presentations, etc28.1%
Listening to, managing music25.9%
Managing large quantities of files10.0%
Editing videos, animations, etc6.3%
Drawing comics, art1.0%
Creating 3D graphics, CG0.5%

Q7: What do like about Windows 10? (Sample size=2,436, up to five answers)

Latest OS, so I can use for longer58.9%
Display has become better39.2%
Feel safer with higher security20.6%
New Start menu15.0%
Can use a touch interface11.5
Latest web browser, Edge6.0%
Voice search assistant Cortana3.1%
Virtual desktop2.3%
Can use fingerprint, other biometric functions1.7%

Q8: Why didn’t you upgrade to Windows 10 during the free upgrade period? (Sample size=250)

Didn’t know what the benefits were46.4%
Thought it was a bother16.8%
Forgot to3.6%

Q9: If you were informed about the good points, would you want to upgrade? (Sample size=250)


Q10: About how long on average do you use your home computer? (Sample size=2,447)

Under 30 minutes16.9%
30 to 60 minutes28.4%
60 to 90 minutes22.0%
90 to 120 minutes12.2%
Over 120 minutes20.6%

Q11: How do you use your computer and smartphone? (Sample size=2,443+676)

Deliberately and carefully59.2%4.4%
Whilst doing other things (watching TV, etc)24.7%24.3%
When waiting around, otherwise with time to fill7.3%28.1%
To communicate with friends, family5.7%16.1%
While out and about1.2%26.7%


There were two samples interviewed for this survey; the first group was members of Edion’s customer group, and the second was a more general sample from Rakuten Research’s monitor group. The Edion group consisted of 1,801 people, and they completed a private internet-based questionnaire between the 6th and 16th of August 2016. The Rakuten group consisted of 900 people, and they completed a private internet-based questionnaire between the 17th and 19th of August 2016. The Edion group had purchased a computer between October 2015 and July 2016 at a physical Edion store; the Rakuten group had purchased a Windows 10 computer.

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  1. Louis said,
    October 12, 2016 @ 19:21

    Windows 7 any day.

  2. Rob said,
    October 13, 2016 @ 06:54

    Given the amount of information Windows 10 gathers and sends back to Microsoft plus the new bulk updates I’ll give it a miss in future for personal use. Indeed they’ve added the ‘telemetry’ functions to 7 & 8 now as well. In general there’s not much you can’t do on Linux these days which is a bit better for security as well. Kubuntu is my usual distribution. Also 10 looks bloomin’ awful.

    (I finally make a comment and it’s nothing to do with Japan, typical).

  3. Adnan Hamza said,
    October 26, 2016 @ 02:29

    Surprised this blog is still going strong. Nice one. Been coming back on-and-off since ’09!

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