Characteristics of over-calculating women that turn people off


Today’s goo Ranking is a look at what over-calculating behaviour revealing the true state of women puts people right off. Of course, if there is also a male version published, I’ll be sure to post that too.

A couple of months ago there was an entertainment program on the television looking at models and their SNS behaviour; there was a fad for posting no-makeup selfies, but it didn’t stop most (all?) of them using skin-smoothing or eye-widening apps, and in one case even turning her extremely square jaw into a tapered point. For myself, I can guarantee that all my no-make selfies are un-retouched…

That number 10 about wanting to appear to have mental health issues seems to be a mental health issue in itself!

Here’s Duck Face in Osaka:


Research results

Q: What over-calculating behaviour by women turns you right off? (Sample size=500)

Rank Votes
1Every day she pads her bra two sizes up56
2=She is always doing Duck Face in photos33
2=When going to dating parties, she never takes anyone cuter than her along33
4Even though she smokes, she says she doesn’t to appeal to guys32
5She fishes for compliments by saying she is fat despite being in the low 40kg range31
6She fishes for compliments by adding “sorry for being ugly” on her Facebook, etc selfies28
7=She retouches her skin colour in selfies before uploading them to Facebook, etc27
7=In order to be attractive to as many guys as possible, she never posts photos with her boyfriend27
9She increases her eye size in selfies before uploading them to Facebook, etc25
10=She exclaims “But why me?” to appear to have mental health issues24
10=She follows celebs on Twitter, etc to appear to have famous friends24
10=She uses slang, text speak to appear to be cute24
13She posts “In Starbucks now!” to Facebook, etc to appear elegant and refined22
14=Even though no-one asked for it, she posts today’s coordinated fashion selfies to Facebook, etc21
14=Her selfies are taken from a point diagonal and above to fraudulently enhance her eyes21
16She changes here Facebook, etc profile once a week20
17She posts a lot of cleavage in her selfies19
18=She uses fake eyelashses, eyelash extensions rather than just mascara18
18=She calls her period “Girl’s Day”, “Princess Day”18
18=She poses like a model in her selfies18
21=She buries her face in a scarf for that “Please protect me” vibe13
21=At events she makes high-awareness posts13
21=She posts thermometer photos to show how ill she is13
24She posts about being busy at work to give off that woman who gets things done vibe12
25She posts photos of her cooking to give off that family-oriented vibe11
26She uses attention-seeking hashtags like #INeedADrink10
27She wears colour contact lenses to enhance her eyes8


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 8th and 13th of September 2016 250 male members aged between 20 and 39 of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. Sadly, there is no breakdown by the sexes.

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