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How do you feel about crane games? graph of japanese statisticsThe Crane Game Association recently released a survey looking at crane games (UFO Catchers).

The reason for this release was to advertise their upcoming Crane Gamer Certificate program, and of course to promote crane gaming amongst older folks, especially with Respect for the Aged Day coming up soon.

Although I’m not quite in the age band yet, I do enjoy crane games, although I haven’t played them for a while. I found the best place to play was where there are lot of competing game centres, and looking sad after failing to impress one’s date usually persuades the staff to help you out by nudging the present a bit closer to the exit chute.

Research results

Q1: Which of the following reasons is the closest to why you play crane games (UFO catchers)? (Sample size=1,000)

To win presents for grandchildren57.1%
To win stuff for myself13.8%
Just enjoy the game7.8%
To fill free time5.5%
To give me something to talk about3.1%
To win presents for children2.5%
To keep my brain alert2.0%
To win presents for spouse1.8%
No particular reason5.5%

Q2: Do you think you communicate more with your grandchildren, family thanks to crane games? (Sample size=1,000)

Think so28.8%
Perhaps think so45.9%
Can’t say either way16.4%
Perhaps no2.2%
Not at all6.7%

Q3: How do you feel about crane games? (Sample size=1,000)

Really interested in them9.4%
Quite interested in them39.0%
Can’t say either way27.4%
Not really interested19.0%
Not at all interested5.2%

Q4: What kinds of prizes would make you want to play crane games? (Sample size=1,000, multiple answer)

Electrical items348
Local specialities344
Edible items257
Fishing goods58
Nothing in particular228

Q5: Who would you most enjoy playing crane games with? (Sample size=1,000)

No-one in particular4.0%
Don’t want to play3.7%

Q6: Would you like to improve your crane game techniques? (Sample size=1,000)

Want to get better26.9%
Perhaps want to get better42.4%
Can’t say either way13.3%
Perhaps don’t want to get better4.9%
Don’t want to get better12.5%

Q7: Would you like to widen your circle of friends through improving your crane game techniques? (Sample size=1,000)

Think so20.5%
Perhaps think so34.7%
Can’t say either way26.3%
Perhaps don’t think so7.4%
Don’t think so at all11.1%


Between the 30th of August and the 2nd of September 2016 1,000 people aged over 60 years old and had played a crane game within the last five yeards completed an internet-based questionnaire. 52.9% of the sameple were male, and the ages ranged from 60 to 83 years old.

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