Japanese opinions on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Are you enjoying the prospect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? graph of japanese statisticsWith less than four years to go now, here is an early survey looking at how Japanese people think about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, conducted by BIGLOBE, who describe themselves as a seller of cheap smartphones and SIM card.

I’m looking forward to the Olympics, although I may not be in Tokyo for them, which I think I would consider as a plus! If I am here, I think I will volunteer for some form of guiding or marshalling task, as it might be quite fun to do.

Regarding the opening ceremony, my first choice would be Beat Takeshi too, although he would either do a wonderful job or an utterly cringe-worthy job, so I suspect that the Olympic committee might go for a safer choice. If it’s Yasushi Akimoto, the person responsible for inflicting The AKBs on everyone, I may very well de-emigrate…

Research results

Q1: Are you enjoying the prospect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? (Sample size=537)

Very much37.6%
To some extent42.3%
Not really11.0%
Not at all9.1%

Q2: Do you think you will want to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics live? (Sample size=537)

Yes (to SQ)39.1%
TV, smartphone will be enough36.7%
Don’t really want to watch18.6%
Don’t know5.6%

Q2SQ: What events do you want to watch live at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? (Sample size=210, multiple answer)

Opening ceremony56.7%
Track and field events43.8%
Closing ceremony41.9%
Baseball, softball34.3%
Table tennis30.5%

Q3: Who would you like to see as director of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony? (Sample size=537)

Beat Takeshi/Takeshi Kitano (Film director, etc)12.1%
Hayao Miyazaki (Anime director)9.1%
Sheena Ringo (Singer/songwriter)6.1%
Mika Ninagawa (Photographer)6.0%
Kankuro Kudo (Screenwriter, director)5.4%
Amon Miyamoto (Director)4.5%
Koki Mitani (Playwright)4.1%
Hideaki Anno (Animator)3.5%
Yasushi Akimoto (Record producer)3.0%
No-one in particular, don’t really know41.0%

Q4: In the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, what technology would most like to see spread? (Sample size=537)

Widespread free wi-fi spots30.4%
Self-driving cars18.2%
More Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality support for watching sports7.8%
Implementation of higher-speed 5G mobile7.1%
4K, 8K television support5.0%
Nothing in particular, don’t really know30.2%

Q5: If free wi-fi was made more available, would you want to use it? (Sample size=537)

Would want to use51.2%
Would investigate using it19.6%
Wouldn’t plan to use it9.1%
Not thought about it, don’t know20.1%

Q6: Will you buy a new television for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? (Sample size=537)

Because I want to watch in high resolution, I plan to upgrade8.2%
I plan to upgrade by 2020, but not just for the Olympics6.0%
I’ve no definite place, but would like to upgrade by 202013.6%
No particular plans to upgrade60.1%
Don’t know12.1%

Q7: What do you think about AirBnB and similar private home rental? (Sample size=537)

Like it (to SQ)43.2%
Don’t like it23.8%
Can’t really say33.0%

Q7SQ: Would you think about renting out your home for the Tokyo Olympics on AirBnB, etc? (Sample size=232)

Would like to22.4%
Don’t want to28.4%
Not the sort of place that I could rent, it’s forbidden41.8%
Don’t know7.4%


Between the 24th and 26th of August 2016 537 people from all over Japan aged between 8 and 80 years old completed a survey, although the method used was not disclosed.

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