Stuff guys wish they’d not been told about women living alone


goo Ranking took a look at things men wish they hadn’t been told about women living alone, specifically what perhaps might be a guy’s ideal versus the reality of many a single woman’s solo life.

On television they occasionally show the home lives of both single female celebrities and ordinary people, and the situations that stand out in my memory are both dirty clothes and dirty dishes piled high.

Here’s a random (non-Japanese) sink full of random dishes:

thursday evening

Research results

Q: What things about the reality of women living alone do you wish you hadn’t learnt? (Sample size=250)

Rank Votes
1She washes her clothes once a week46
2She leaves her futon out all day44
3Her sink is piled high with dirty dishes38
4The floor is covered in her own hair36
5She sleeps in just her pants32
6She never cooks30
7=She only cooks for photos for Facebook27
7=She doesn’t hide her (unused, I hope!) menstrual goods27
9She has a graveyard of used cosmetics24
10She eats straight out of the pan23
11She talks to her teddy bears when lonely19
12The sink and bath drains are blocked with her hair18
13She only communicates with her family via the internet17
14She owns no cute roomwear15
15=She only cleans up just before visitors come14
15=She has some adult toys hidden away14
17=She has drying and dried clothes hung up all around her room12
17=She goes nude at home12
19She spends the weekend asleep11
20=She doesn’t wear a bra when visiting her parents10
20=She enjoys following Twitter about the program she is watching on TV10
20=She has some dirty manga comics hidden away10
20=She doesn’t use small dustbins, but instead throws things directly into a large disposal bag10
25She has never washed her curtains9
26=She cooks just a single plate dish7
26=She lazes around her room with her facepack in place7


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 14th and 16th of June 2016 250 male members aged between 20 and 39 of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire.

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  1. Adnan Hamza said,
    October 26, 2016 @ 02:35

    “She doesn’t wear a bra when visiting her parents”


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