Might you buy the new iPhone 7? graph of japanese statisticsWith the new iPhone 7 expected to be announced next week, this is a timely survey reported on by Internetcom and conducted by Macromill into the new iPhone.

The rumours I’ve heard are no headphone jack; Bluetooth only, which I can believe Apple would do regardless of customer complaints; and support for Japan’s Felica NFC chip standard, to allow it to be used on public transport here, which I would be surprised to see.

Research results

Q1: Have you heard rumours about the new iPhone 7? (Sample size=1,000)

Yes 41.3%
No 58.7%

Q2: Are you thinking about buying the new iPhone? (Sample size=1,000)

Want to buy (to SQ) 7.2%
Investigating buying (to SQ) 20.0%
Can’t say, not thought about it 44.3%
Don’t want to buy 28.5%

Q2SQ: What would you like to see in the new iPhone? (Sample size=272, multiple answer)

Rank   Percentage
1 Longer battery life, low-energy mode 54.4%
2 Water resistance 48.2%
3 Crack-resistant glass 44.1%
4 Beautiful display 39.0%
5 Wireless charging 34.9%
6 Faster operation 33.5%
7 Smooth functionality 33.1%
8 Thinner handset 32.0%
9 Robust handset 31.6%
10 New handset color 31.0%


Between the 10th and 12th of August 2016 1,000 smartphone owners completed a private internet-based (smartphone-based, I think) questionnaire. No further information was provided.


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