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Rather than the usual goo Ranking silliness, let’s instead have a look at a ranking from RJC Research and Nightley regarding where inbound tourists post to SNS from.

The survey mentions by name Twitter and Weibo (China’s local Twitter-like service), then “etc”, without going into details on what they might be. How exactly they determined who was a tourist is probably a trade secret, so there was no discussion of that either. It mentions the sample size was about 230,000 SNS entries.

The score reported was based on the number of SNS mentions, but weighted, presumably by how many followers or how many likes a post got. The raw SNS post count was about a third to a half of the weighted score.

The report contained one overall total and five sub-genres, but since the other genres (sights, leisure facilities, nature, and shopping) were partially covered by the main ranking, I’ll only report on the food genre.

Here’s a photo of edible Snoopys from USJ; probably meat (definitely not dog!) filled steamed buns.

USJ, Halloween style

Ranking results

Overall Ranking

1Universal Studios Japan4,863
2Tokyo Disneyland4,195
3Mount Fuji2,871
4Tokyo Tower2,419
5Osaka Castle2,344
6Asakusa Temple2,287
7Tokyo Disney Sea2,095
8Ueno Zoo2,003
9Fushimi Inari Shrine1,930
10Tokyo Sky Tree1,857
11Tokyo Dome1,694
12Meiji Jingu1,419
13Kiyomizu Temple1,418
14Ryukyu Kingdom ruins1,262
15Shibuya scramble crossing1,120
16Shinjuku Gyoen1,116
17Kinkakuji (Golden Temple)1,110
18Roppongi Hills1,091
19Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium952
20Imperial Palace887

Gourmet Ranking

1Tsukichi Fish Market591
2Ichiran Ramen503
3Kani Doraku502
4Kuromon Fish Market352
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