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There’s been a definite lack of good goo Ranking surveys recently, so today I’ll do a ranking and survey hybrid from @nifty looking at the tastes of summer.

I like my Häagen-Dazs, but as I eat it irregularly and usually choose their time-limited special flavours (I have mango milk and truffle sitting in the freezer) I cannot name a favourite flavour. However, I do find the Gelato Meister brand better – despite the naming, it is actually sherbet with high fruit content; I’m looking forward to the 25% Scilian lemon one more than the Dazs’ it’s sitting beside.

Ranking result

Q1: What summer vegetables do you often eat in the summer? (Sample size=3,108, multiple answer)

Cucumber 75%
Tomato 75%
Aubergine 60%
Edamame beans 58%
Corn 45%
Green pepper 35%
Okura 32%
Myoga (Japanese ginger) 30%
Goya 24%
Pumpkin 22%
Green beans 20%
Shishito (Japanese hot pepper) 19%
Nira (Asian green onion) 15%
Garlic 14%
Other 2%
None in particular 10%

The older the age group the more they ate each vegetable.

Q2: What hot dishes do you want to eat on hot summer days? (Sample size=3,108, multiple answer)

  Male Female
Curry 58% 57%
Ramen 37% 29%
Gyoza 35% 33%
Yakiniku grilled beef 36% 29%
Mabo dofu (mapo tofu, tofu in spicy mince) 24% 19%
Fried chicken 20% 15%
Tonkatsu (breaded pork) 20% 11%
Hot udon noodles 14% 14%
Hamburger 12% 9%
Sukiyaki 9% 4%
Soup 6% 11%
Gratin 5% 7%
Hotpot 4% 6%
Oden 5% 4%
Other 1% 2%
Nothing in paticular 17% 20%

Q3: Which do you prefer, ice cream, sherbet, or shaved ice? (Sample size=3,108)

Ice cream 54%
Shaved ice 23%
Sherbet 19%
Dislike them all 4%

They were then asked for their favourite sweets from the freezer cabinet in convenience stores. Häagen-Dazs was top for all age groups, barring the over-sixties who preferred Adzuki Bar, which as the name suggests, is a lolly-style ice with bits of adzuki beans in it.

Q5: What are your favourite Häagen-Dazs flavours? (Sample size=3,108, multiple answer)

  Male Female
Vanilla 53% 45%
Rum raisin 24% 36%
Strawberry 20% 20%
Green tea 17% 26%
Cookie and cream 13% 24%
Macadamia nuts 10% 24%
Chocolate brownie 12% 14%
Coffee 10% 14%
Rare cheese cake 9% 13%
Adzuki 10% 10%
Rich milk 7% 17%
Maple walnuts 5% 12%
Murosaki imo (purple sweet potato) 3% 4%
Pumpkin 2% 6%
Other 1% 3%
None in particular 23% 14%


Between the 8th and 14th of July 2016 3,108 members of the @nifty monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were provided.


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