Intelligent robots: friends or foes?


Do you hold hopes or fears for Biglobe recently published an interesting survey looking at machine intelligence, synchronised with the Japanese release of the movie Ex Machina.

Given the lack of penetration of any kind of automation tools in the average Japanese workplace, I think the chances of a revolution here are relatively low. On the other hand, if someone teaches the AI how to use a fax, heaven help Japan!

Here’s Pepper and a couple of friends:

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Research results

Q1: Do you know the term “AI” (machine intelligence)? (Sample size=1,114)

Yes, know the meaning (to SQ)62.3%
Just heard the term (to SQ)29.4%
Don’t know it8.3%

Q1SQ: Which of the following come to mind when you hear “AI” (machine intelligence)? (Sample size=1,022, multiple answer)

Alpha Go23%
Don’t know16%

Q2: Do you hold hopes or fears for “AI” (machine intelligence)? (Sample size=1,114)

Much hope17%
Perhaps hopeful37%
Perhaps fearful20%
Much fear8%
Don’t know15%
Don’t want to answer2%

Q3: What hopes do you hold for “AI” (machine intelligence)? (Sample size=1,114, multiple answer)

Acceleration of advancements in medical science52%
Self-driving cars40%
Communication partner32%
Realisation of a life with robots27%
Automation of clerical work24%
Fully automated housework23%
AI will enhance human brainpower16%
Energy production will dramatically progress15%
Mysteries of space will be revealed15%
Correct management of companies, government8%
Become a lover, partner7%
Have no hopes7%
Don’t know7%

Q4: What fears do you hold for “AI” (machine intelligence)? (Sample size=1,114, multiple answer)

System errors will cause accidents, disrupt society58%
Machines will surpass humans, and we will be unable to stop it46%
My job will be replaced25%
They will become self-aware and hate humans24%
Human rights will be infringed19%
They will assimilate with humans and I’ll not be able to differentiate11%
Don’t hold any fears8%
Don’t know9%


Between the 20th and 23rd of May 2016, 1,114 members of the Biglobe monitor group aged between 15 amnd 84 years old completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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