Famous people’s irritating Facebook posts


goo Ranking recently asked its visitors what SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) posts by celebrities annoy you; I thought I recently did a similar survey for ordinary people, but I cannot find it right now…

I don’t follow any celebrities, although I occasionally see their Facebook posts through friends of friends. However, I just skip over them, so I have nothing irritating to report.

Here’s a collection of various celebs without their faces on:


Ranking result

Q: What kinds of SNS posts by celebrities annoy you? (Sample size=2,300)

Rank Votes
1No make photos351
2Over-Photoshopped selfies268
3Nothing but adverts for products216
4Looking down their nose comments167
5Photos of them in swimsuits, undies157
6Showing off cleavage131
7Showing off in the bath130
8=Showing off their cooking98
8=Showing off how good a parent they are98
10Often deleting their posts97
11Mysterious poems89
12Boasting how close friends they are with big stars82
13Nothing but pet photos77
14Over-earnest comments67
15Just woken up photos65
16Photos of their nails49
17Today’s clothes information35


Between the 15th and 29th of April 2016 2,205 visitors to the goo Ranking site completed an internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were provided.

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