Two in five thinking of quitting Facebook


How often do full real life Facebook posts irritate you? graph of japanese statisticsThis was an interesting survey from Times Current titled rather dramatically “Being tired of other’s full real life”, a title based on a Japanese expression リア充, ria-juu, being satisfied with one’s real offline life.

One of my online (and offline too) friends is perhaps just a bit too much ria-juu with airline business class lounge photos, domestic holidays, posh dinners, etc, but it rather than annoying me it motivates me to work harder so I too can have a similar life.

Research results

Q1: While using Facebook, have you ever felt tired of it, wanted a break, or thought about quitting? (Sample size=655)

Yes ( to SQ)43.7%

Q1SQ: Why have you thought about taking a break from, quitting Facebook? (Sample size=286, multiple answer)

Got fed up hearing about other people’s full real life40%
Couldn’t keep up with timeline information29%
Felt relieved not regularly checking25%
Was a bother getting involved with people I didn’t get on with23%
Couldn’t respond appropriately to Facebook Friends22%
Worried too much about how people would react to my posts22%
Was a bother getting Friend requests from people I didn’t know20%
Ended up comparing Friend list sizes with friends15%
Didn’t have anything to post about15%
Ended up competing with others regarding having a full real life9%
Got hurt when my friends posted about events they hadn’t invited me to7%

Q2: How often do you get irritated by Facebook Friends posting about their full real life? (Sample size=655)


Q3: What sort of photos posted to Facebook do you consider to be “ria-juu”? (Sample size=655, multiple answer)

Showing off about how many friends they have (group photos, etc)46%
Highlighting their celebrity31%
Highlighting how good a time they are having29%
Sexy, cool, etc posed selfie28%
Everyone in the photo holding the same pose24%
Cosplaying, dressed up to the nines20%
Photo that looks like it was taken by their partner16%
Everyone in the photo dressed the same13%
Collage of many photos12%
“Miracle instant” photo11%
Framed, vignetted, etc photo10%
Photoshopped miracle photo9%

Q4: How often have you exaggerated about things when posting about your own situation? (Sample size=507)

(to SQ)
(to SQ)
Just once
(to SQ)

Q4SQ: At most, how much have you exaggerated things when posting about your own situation? (Sample size=275)

One tenth19%
Two tenths40%
Three tenths21%
Four tenths3%
Five tenths9%
Six tenths2%
Seven tenths1%
Eight tenths2%
Nine tenths0%
Ten tenths9%

Q5: How would you rate your own real life? (Sample size=655)

100%; full real life9%
75%; almost full real life28%
50%; reasonably full real life45%
25%; not full enough real life9%
0%; no real life at all8%


Over the 24th and 25th of February 2016 655 Facebook users in employemnt completed a smartphone-based questionnaire. 50.1% of the sample were female, 33.0% in their twenties, 34.0% in their thirties, and 33.0% in their forties.

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