Instagram used by over one in three young Japanese women


Teenage girls, do you use Instagram? graph of japanese statistics
COLOPAL’s SmartAnswer recently conducted a survey into Instagram use, finding it most popular with younger girls and women.

Instagram is another thing that I’ve never got into, so I don’t know what I’m missing, but I suspect it is nothing much… If any of my readers feel like trying to convince me, please suggest accounts worth following, and I’ll give it a try. A quick search for “Instagram cats” gave me this:

From @misato_2cats: "I want you to have another cup of coffee,please!" #catsofinstagram

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Research results

Q1: Do you use the Instagram web site, app, etc? (Sample size=24,202)

 YesUsed toNo, but know of itNo, and don’t know it
Male, teens15.3%5.7%44.0%35.0%
Male, twenties16.7%3.9%49.0%30.4%
Male, thirties16.6%3.9%47.5%32.0%
Male, forties14.0%3.1%48.2%34.8%
Male, fifties or older14.5%2.7%35.0%47.7%
Female, teens36.9%9.3%37.9%15.9%
Female, twenties36.8%5.4%43.1%14.7%
Female, thirties25.4%4.4%50.7%19.5%
Female, forties17.0%2.5%51.6%29.0%
Female, fifties or older14.1%2.0%39.3%44.6%

Q2: About how often do you use the Instagram web site, app, etc? (Sample size=Instagram users)

 Every dayOnce every two, three daysOnce a weekOnce every two, three weeksOnce a monthLess than once a month
Male, teens35.6%16.3%14.1%7.8%8.9%17.4%
Male, twenties33.2%12.1%18.3%10.3%9.0%17.2%
Male, thirties24.4%15.3%15.3%10.6%12.1%22.3%
Male, forties18.2%18.5%19.0%11.4%10.9%22.0%
Male, fifties or older19.9%16.7%15.6%7.0%13.4%27.4%
Female, teens41.1%16.2%11.7%8.6%9.0%13.3%
Female, twenties43.0%15.9%12.9%8.3%7.5%12.4%
Female, thirties34.0%19.0%14.1%9.7%7.9%15.3%
Female, forties30.8%17.8%12.7%10.0%9.2%19.5%
Female, fifties or older32.5%12.2%23.6%7.3%4.1%20.3%

Q3: Have you ever uploaded a photo to Instagram? (Sample size=Instagram users)

Male, teens68.9%
Male, twenties73.3%
Male, thirties67,5%
Male, forties62.2%
Male, fifties or older60.8%
Female, teens74.1%
Female, twenties72.1%
Female, thirties62.9%
Female, forties56.5%
Female, fifties or older52.0%

Q4: About how often do you upload photos to Instagram? (Sample size=Instagram photo uploaders)

 Every dayOnce every two, three daysOnce a weekOnce every two, three weeksOnce a monthLess than once a month
Male, teens4.3%4.3%15.1%15.6%20.4%40.3%
Male, twenties8.4%8.1%16.5%15.8%15.4%35.8%
Male, thirties8.2%9.4%17.0%12.3%15.1%38.1%
Male, forties5.2%9.6%10.5%12.2%14.4%48.0%
Male, fifties or older8.8%10.6%8.0%6.2%16.8%49.6%
Female, teens3.8%8.2%15.5%21.9%18.8%31.8%
Female, twenties3.5%8.8%16.1%18.0%15.2%35.8%
Female, thirties4.0%10.7%16.3%18.0%15.2%35.8%
Female, forties6.7%6.2%12.4%17.7%17.2%39.7%
Female, fifties or older6.3%9.4%20.3%6.3%12.5%45.3%

Q5: About how many accounts do you follow on Instagram? (Sample size=Instagram users)

 100 or more50 to 9920 to 4910 to 195 to 91 to 4None
Male, teens24.4%15.9%15.6%11.5%9.3%15.2%8.1%
Male, twenties19.5%10.8%16.7%17.2%13.1%13.9%8.7%
Male, thirties14.0%12.3%11.7%17.4%11.0%20.4%13.2%
Male, forties10.9%7.1%9.8%16.8%15.5%23.9%16.0%
Male, fifties or older8.1%4.3%11.3%13.4%14.0%25.8%23.1%
Female, teens28.5%17.5%21.0%12.5%7.3%7.9%5.3%
Female, twenties17.2%16.6%23.7%15.4%10.1%10.5%6.4%
Female, thirties11.8%10.7%19.5%15.5%13.8%16.8%11.9%
Female, forties7.6%6.5%11.4%13.8%18.4%24.1%18.4%
Female, fifties or older4.9%8.9%3.3%20.3%13.0%26.0%23.6%

Q6: What kinds of accounts do you follow? (Sample size=Instagram users)

 Famous peopleCorporate
Male, teens69.3%24.1%
Male, twenties58.9%29.0%
Male, thirties56.5%26.8%
Male, forties56.0%19.8%
Male, fifties or older44.1%17.7%
Female, teens81.1%28.5%
Female, twenties75.9%25.6%
Female, thirties68.7%27.0%
Female, forties60.3%25.4%
Female, fifties or older44.7%20.3%


Between 7 pm on the 12th of January until 10 am on the 14th of January 2016 24,202 members of the Smart Answer monitor group completed a private internet survey.

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