White Day gifts that make you run a mile


Today is White Day in Japan, a second chance for chocolate makers to sell overpriced gifts; Valentine’s Day in Japan is for women to give gifts to men, so White Day is the day men are expected to return the favour. Thus this survey from goo Ranking looking at what gifts from men would make women run a mile. Furthermore, just to keep the balance, I’ll also present what items their girlfriends pulling from their bag would make men run a mile in the opposite direction.

My White Day gift was a bit of a disaster this year – I had a brush with the ‘flu over the weekend, and today it was pouring down, so I was in no mood for going shopping, so it was just a quick choice of a couple of cakes from a shop on the way home.

Here’s some nice chocolates to celebrate what’s left of the day!

swiss chocolate adapted to japanese habits (27 of 124)

Ranking results

Q1: What White Day gifts would make you run a mile? (Sample size=1,000 women)

Rank Votes
1Not getting any gift at all325
2Naff accessory143
3Chocolates that are obviously cheaper than the ones I gave him for Valentines134
4Uninteresting mug100
6Home-made CD91
7Special offer cookies from a supermarket87
8Fake branded item81
9Skimpy undies76
11Totally uninteresting CD70
12Totally uninteresting book64
13Cuddly toy62
14Souvenir chocolates59
15Uninteresting, on sale clothes58
16Prize from a UFO catcher crane game55
17Adult toy54
18Kinkeshi, rubber action figures52
19Shoulder massage ticket48
20Print Club sticker48
21Keepsake from a dead relative, other jewelry46
22Bikkuriman chocolate (cheap chocolate with collectable cards)42
23Hand-made sweets32
24Lottery ticket30
25Small animal30
26Restaurant bottle keep card28
27Bouquet of flowers19
28Smartphone, feature phone11
29Spare key for his place11
30Wedding ring10
31Holiday tickets5
32Expensive dinner3
33Pair of tickets (concert, cinema, etc)3
35=Naff handkerchief1
35=Book token1
35=Fluffy socks1
35=Football (soccer) kit1
35=Handmade object1
35=Uninteresting interior item1
35=Pressure cooker1

Q2: What items would you hate to see your girlfriend pulling out from her handbag? (Sample size=250 men)

Rank Percentage
1=Toothbrush not in protective case, etc13.6%
1=Business card from a dodgy shop13.6%
3Self-improvement book8.9%
4Loose change6.9%
5Gossip mag6.3%
6Wallet with velcro tape closure6.2%
8Half-eaten pack of sweets5.6%
9Silica gel5.3%
10Sour plums4.3%
11Tatty family photo4.0%
12Toilet deodorant spray3.8%
13Smartphone I’ve never seen before3.3%
14=Snack food that looks like they bought it this morning2.9%
14=Paper money2.9%
16Cuddly toy2.4%
17Branded accessory2.2%
19Energy drink0.7%
20Feature phone0.4%
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