What Japanese love and hate about cats


I cannot find a nice goo Ranking for Silly Sunday, so instead let’s have some kittens, with a look at what people love and hate about cats by @Nifty, which I’ll present as a ranking.

I’d love to visit this temple!

豪徳寺・招き猫 / Manekineko in Gotokuji - Setagaya, Tokyo

I’m very much a cat person, and I’m joint owned by two of them. Frequent vomiting is probably my least favourite thing, especially as one cat has a chewing habit, and never learns that eating his blanket, eating sticky tape, eating his cardboard bed, etc, are guaranteed to have him spewing up the next day.

By the way, translating this survey I learnt that the breed マンチカン, read Manchikan, is actually called Munchkin in English. When I tried Googling how I thought it was spelt, Google corrected me to Mancunian

Research results

Q1: Do you like cats? (Sample size=3,381)

Love them45%
They’re OK37%
Hate them18%

Q2: What’s your favourite cat breeds? (Sample size=3,381, multiple answer)

Rank Percentage
1Japanese cat41%
3American Short Hair20%
4Scottish Fold11%
5Russian Blue11%
11Maine Coon6%
12Norwegian Forest Cat5.5%
14British Short Hair4%
None in Particular44.5%

Q3: What do you love about cats? (Sample size=3,381, multiple answer)

1Their actions
2Living their life on their own terms
3Face, expression
4Soft body, feel when hugging
5Easy to look after (no walkies, etc)
6Not humouring people
7Their pleading for petting
8Paw pads
9Voice (not noisy, cute)
11Tsundere, blowing hot and cold
12Playful naughtiness
13Insect, vermin control

Q4: What don’t you like about cats? (Sample size=3,381, multiple answer)

1Smelly pee
2Scratching up everything in the house
3Shedding hair, spreading hair
4Getting scratched by their claws
5Noisy voice
6Almost impossible to train
7Frequent vomiting
8Hogging the bed, sofa, etc
9Bringing presents of little animals, etc
10Not humouring people, aloofness
11Living their life on their own terms
13Often getting in the way
14Waking up too early


The survey was conducted between the 5th and 11th of February 2016, and 3,381 members of the @Nifty monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire.

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