Majority bothered by their pet’s smell


How often do you notice pet smells? graph of japanese statisticsPet Soken, a pet insurance broker, recently conducted a survey into bothersome pet smells.


Between the 12th of August and 8th of September 2015 1,487 users of the Pet Soken web site completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All respondents were pet owners, but no further demographics were presented.

My cats’ toilet smells, of course, but it’s mostly confined to their room, so it doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve tried various odour suppressants, but they didn’t do much good. We’ve also just got their winter furniture out of storage, and they stink, unfortunately of mold they have acquired over the summer, and I think the only countermeasure that will be effective will be chucking them in the bin – the carpets, not the kitties, of course!

Research results

Q1: In your daily life, how often do you notice pet smells? (Sample size=1,487)

Every day28.3%
Not often14.7%
Not at all4.1%

Q2: Other than pet smells, what smells do you notice in your daily life? (Sample size=1,487, multiple answer)

Kitchen waste smells78352.7%
Toilet smells63442.6%
Washed clothes smells45030.3%
Shoe smells42128.3%
Tobacco smells41928.2%
Bed smells27618.6%
Family member smells23115.5%
Nothing in particular14810.0%

Q3: In your daily life, which are worse, pet smells or other smells? (Sample size=1,487)

Pet smells44.9%
Other smells34.3%
Can’t say20.8%

Q4: In your daily life, where and what smells of pet? (Sample size=1,487, multiple answer)

Pet toilet82855.7%
Living room51034.3%
Pet cage27418.4%
Pet itself18712.6%
Other room17211.6%
Pet toys1389.3%
Inside car1349.0%
Pet clothes583.9%
Nothing in particular (to end of survey)15710.6%

Q4SQ1: What measures do you take to try to counteract these smells? (Sample size=1,330, multiple answer)

Regularly clean, wash things94571.1%
Regularly air the room58744.1%
Use a deodorant spray54641.1%
Use a room deodorant39930.0%
Use a room fragrance32824.7%
Use odour suppressants, anti-bacterial items on pet, cage, toys, etcd1249.3%
Use aroma oil775.8%
Nothing in particular (to end of survey)13710.3%

Q4SQ2: How effective are these measures you take to try to counteract these smells? (Sample size=1,193)

Completely gets rid of odour4.6%
Mostly gets rid of odour20.7%
Gets rid of odour, but not fully satisfactory51.2%
Hardly gets rid of any odour19.4%
Doesn’t get rid of any odour whatsoever4.1%
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