Electronic cash most popular way of paying for trains


How do you most often pay for train rides? graph of japanese statisticsiBridge Research Plus took a look at trains.


Between the 9th and 14th of September 2015 600 members of the Research Plus monitor group who used trains to commute to work or school completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female, 13.3% in their twenties, 29.0% in their thirties, 24.3% in their forties, 27.5% in their fifties, and 5.8% in their sixties.

In Q1 I’m surprised to see mobile phones almost non-existent in the results, but I think one reason is that most season tickets these days are IC card-based, residing on either a credit card or (as in my case) on a mobile phone.

In Q9 I had most of these experiences, but probably the worst for me is drooling while sleeping…

Research results

Q1: How do you most often pass through the ticket wicket when getting a train? (Sample size=600)

Electronic cash card (Suica, PASMO, ICOCA, etc) (to SQ)51.8%
Season ticket39.8%
Paper ticket6.0%
Mobile phone electronic cash0.8%

Q1SQ: Where else do you use your electronic cash card? (Sample size=316, multiple answer)

Vending machine40.8%
Convenience store30.4%
Station kiosk, other shop24.4%
Bus, taxi, etc20.3%
Drug store, supermarket12.7%
Restaurant, cafe, etc10.4%
Nowhere else38.0%

Q2: How long does it take you to get to work or school door-to-door? (Sample size=600)

Under 10 minutes2.5%
10 to 30 minutes17.2%
30 to 60 minutes50.3%
60 to 90 minutes23.2%
90 to 120 minutes5.0%
More than 120 minutes1.8%

Q3: How long is the train portion of your commute to work or school? (Sample size=600)

Under 10 minutes11.2%
10 to 30 minutes37.5%
30 to 60 minutes38.2%
60 to 90 minutes10.2%
90 to 120 minutes2.5%
More than 120 minutes0.5%

Q4: What do you do in the train while commuting? (Sample size=600, multiple answer)

Mobile phone email, SNS42.0%
Read a book27.3%
Listen to music27.2%
Look out the window24.7%
Play electronic games14.2%
Read a newspaper, magazine8.0%
Work, study4.0%
Listen to radio3.2%
Watch TV, YouTube, etc2.0%
Do nothing10.8%

Q5: In which locations do you happen to notice advertisements while commuting? (Sample size=600, multiple answer)

Hanging in the aisle56.0%
Beside the doors25.7%
Door window stickers22.5%
On the monitor screens20.3%
Above the doors19.2%
Above the windows18.2%
On the hanging straps10.2%
Outside the train7.2%
None in particular25.3%

Q6: Do you give up your seat for older people, disabled, pregnant women, etc? (Sample size=600)

Only if no-one else does12.2%
Usually don’t9.7%
Never do3.0%

Q7: What do you think about Women Only carriages on trains? (Sample size=600, multiple answer)

Prevents people becoming fondling, etc victims48.0%
Prevents false accusations of fondling, etc37.2%
Prevents danger for pregnant women riding trains17.2%
Think it would smell strongly of make-up, perfume, etc12.8%
Discriminates against men12.0%
Prevents danger for disabled people riding trains11.3%
Decreases the availability of standard carriages11.0%
Don’t think much of the naming10.3%
Contributes to overcrowding10.3%
Prevents danger for small children riding trains8.3%
Nothing in particular17.8%

Q8: On trains, what behaviour by other people annoys you? (Sample size=600, multiple answer)

Talking in a loud voice, generally making a noise58.5%
Parents letting their kids run free50.8%
Talking on the phone44.0%
Blocking the exits43.2%
Putting bags on the seats42.2%
Music leaking from headphones40.0%
Coughing without covering one’s mouth39.2%
Fiddling with a mobile phone on a crowded train32.8%
Eating food29.2%
Not giving up one’s seat for older, pregnant, etc people28.5%
Reading a newspaper, book in a crowded train without caring about those around26.0%
Nothing in particular9.0%

Q9: Which of the following embarrassing experiences have you had on trains? (Sample size=600, multiple answer)

The door closing just as I’m about to board29.7%
Sleeping past my stop29.7%
Waking with a start26.0%
Leaning on the person beside while sleeping24.3%
Sleeping with my mouth open16.5%
Going to sit, but someone beating me to it14.7%
Getting my body, bag stuck in the door8.0%
Having someone refuse to accept the seat I gave up8.0%
Dashing onto the train, then hearing an announcement to stop it7.2%
My phone ringing7.0%
My stomach rumbling4.8%
Sitting with legs apart and brushing the person beside’s knee2.3%
None in particular25.8%
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