Do you want to continue your career after marriage, childbirth? graph of japanese statisticsA recent survey from LiB,Inc, a firm that says they support working women facing issues regarding careers, private life, marriage, childbirth, etc, recently conducted a survey to find out what career-women’s outlook on marriage.


Between the 10th and 16th of September 2015 500 women from their database of 29,661 working women completed a private internet-based questionnaire. (Actually, 509 completed the survey, but 9 answer sets were dropped to round everything off.) 60% of the sample were not married and 40% were, but no age information was provided. Current employment status statistics were also not present, but they encompassed everything from full-time employees to currently unemployed women.

I don’t know how self-selecting this sample is, but the profile presented here is much more positive towards continuing a career after marriage and childbirth than the typical image of Japan. However, the gap between the ideals presented here and the realities in the office may be quite considerable.

Note that for Q8 I was estimating the values off a graph, so they could easily be plus or minus 10 votes, but the order is correct.

Research results

Q1: Even after marriage and giving birth, would you want to continue to develop your career? (Sample size=500)

Yes 77%
No 6%
Don’t know 17%

Q2: Do you want to quit work and become a full-time housewife? (Sample size=500)

Yes 7%
No 69%
Don’t know 24%

Q3: Did you continue to work after you married? (Sample size=200, already married)

Yes 88%
No 8%
Other 4%

Q4: Do you currently have a partner? (Sample size=300, unmarried)

Yes 46%
No 51%
Other 3%

Q5: Are you actively seeking a marriage partner? (Sample size=300, unmarried)

Yes 18%
No 80%
Other 2%

Q6: Do you want to get married? (Sample size=300, unmarried)

Yes 81%
No 5%
Don’t know 14%

Q7: Do you want to have children? (Sample size=300, unmarried)

Yes 78%
No 6%
Don’t know 16%

Q8: What are the three most important attributes you look for from a marriage partner? (Sample size=500, three answers)

Compatible values 340
Someone I feel comfortable, safe with 290
Honesty 210
Healthiness 95
Similar likes in food 65
Proactively doing housework 55
Get on well with his family 48
Keeps his promises 45
He doesn’t pick on small faults 45
Compatible hobbies 44
Likes children 40
High salary 38
Makes me laugh 33
Good-looking 33
Good listener 28
Cares about cleanliness 23
Other 20
Has dreams for the future 15
Likes to be active 12
Has wide circle of friends 10
Frugal 9
Good sense 7
Good academic record 7
Younger 5
Older 4
Bookworm 3
Entrepreneurial spirit 2
Not too active on Facebook, etc 2
Has few friends 1


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