One in four want all smoking areas done away with


Men, how often do you smoke tobacco? graph of japanese statisticsA recent survey conducted by Hoken (Insurance) Clinic, timed for World No-Smoking Day, looked at smoking and non-smoking.


Between the 28th and 30th of April 2015 500 people between the ages of 20 and 60 completed a web-based questionnaire. No further demographic information was provided.

I don’t know how good the sample selection was, but although the smoker percentage looks similar to other figures I have seen, the ex-smoker figure seems very, very high.

With talk of banning smoking throughout Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, looking at the figures here would suggest that there might only be the will to ban for the duration of the Olympics, not permanently.

Research results

Q1: How often do you smoke tobacco? (Sample size=500)

Every day (to SQ1, SQ2)25.5%13.5%
Sometimes (to SQ1, SQ2)2.2%0.4%
Used to, but quit (to SQ3 to SQ5)33.6%14.4%

Q1SQ1: Would you like to quit? (Sample size=107)

Would like to, but don’t know when41.3%43.8%
Don’t want to quit37.3%21.9%
Next time the price rises9.3%28.1%
Within a month9.3%3.1%
Within three months2.7%0.0%
Within six months0.0%3.1%

Q1SQ2: How many times have you tried to quit? (Sample size=107)

Many times26.7%28.1%

Q1SQ3: What were the reasons you quit? (Sample size=182, multiple answer)

For health6722
Because of price rise3010
Got ill256
No particular reason228
Someone close to me got ill141
Had a child129
Partner quit104
Moved house20
Changed jobs20

Q1SQ4: How did you quit? (Sample size=182, multiple answer, top 5)

1Cold turkeyCold turkey
2Chew gum, suck sweetsChew gum, suck sweets
3Gradually decrease my intakeOther
4Use a no-smoking pipeGradually decrease my intake
5Declare to others I have quitThrow away all my smoking-related items

Q1SQ5: What are the good things about quitting? (Sample size=182, multiple answer, top 5)

1No longer smell of tobaccoNo longer smell of tobacco
2Don’t get annoyed in non-smoking locationsFeel food is tastier
3Feel food is tastierDon’t get annoyed in non-smoking locations
4Become easier to breatheSkin condition has improved
5I’ve more spare cashNo particular change

Q2: What smoking bad manners annoy you? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Discarded butts185172
Smoking while walking173174
Smoking near children122132
Smoking in a no smoking zone117115
Smell of tobacco117126
Blowing smoke at people97110
Smoking in cafes, restaurants9393
Lighting up without asking if it is OK7895
Nothing in particular2819

Q3: The number of places where people can smoking is decreasing. What do you think of this? (Sample size=500)

Should get rid of them all24.4%22.7%
Should decrease the number25.1%28.4%
Should keep the same31.7%31.0%
Should increase the number18.8%17.9%

Q4: Do you think it is necessary to have separate smoking and non-smoking areas in restaurants, pubs? (Sample size=500)

Don’t know18.1%14.8%

Q5: Do you know that there is insurance that is cheaper for non-smokers? (Sample size=500)

Already signed up1.4%
Know about it16.8%
Had just heard about it22.4%
Didn’t know about it59.4%
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  1. Masao said,
    June 3, 2015 @ 22:03

    Yes, me too…
    I hate people smoking while walking(a lot of smokers do this, here in Canada), or smoking in places where we can inhale their smokes…

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