3.5% already reserved an Apple Watch


Which model of Apple Watch do you want, have reserved? graph of japanese statisticsICT Research and Consulting recently conducted a survey into Apple Watch buying intentions and found a reasonable number already interested in buying one.


Over the 13th and 14th of April 2015 550 people aged from 20 years old completed a web-based questionnaire. No information was given on how the sample was collected, so it is a bit difficult to extrapolate these numbers.

I’m no Apple fan, and I’ve got almost zero interest in any sort of smart wrist device. My mobile phone works as a pedometer, and I cannot think of other features that I’d want. The health benefits of such devices is yet to be proven, and perhaps they might even make you more unhealthy by either giving you a false sense of security or inducing hypochondria.

Research results

Q1: Do you plan to buy an Apple Watch? (Sample size=550)

Already reserved one (to Q1SQ)3.5%
Thinking of buying (to Q1SQ)4.5%
Not decided (to Q1SQ)19.5%
Don’t plan to buy72.5%

There was slightly more interest in it with the younger set; 8.2% of people in their twenties had already reserved, versus 2.4% in their fifties and no-one over sixty.

Q1SQ: Which model of Apple Watch do you want or have reserved? (Sample size=151)

Apple Watch28.5%
Apple Watch Sport31.1%
Apple Watch Edition3.3%
Not decided yet37.1%

Perhaps surprisingly, the Apple Watch was most popular with those in their twenties, yet the Sport was most popular with those in their sixties or older.

If we combine Q1 and Q1SQ we get this:

Q1+Q1SQ: Which model of Apple Watch do you want or have reserved? (Sample size=550 151)

Apple Watch8.1%
Apple Watch Sport8.4%
Apple Watch Edition0.9%
Not decided yet10.2%

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