goo Ranking took a look at what things on web sites annoy people.


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 10th and 12th of February 2015 500 members, 50:50 male and female, of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

Most of the moans seem to be related to adverts; I have various adverts here, so I hope few of these annoyances appear here. If they do annoy you, or if other aspects of this site do, please let me know in this thread.

I’m not sure the best way to illustrate an advertisement. Maybe I’ll skip a picture today to give my own advertising more space?

Ranking result

Q: What would make you start to think someone may be an otaku? (Sample size=500)

Rank   Percentage
1 There is an interstitial advert to dismiss before getting to the contents 50.2%
2 The advertising follows me as I scroll 45.8%
3 There is a huge soft-porn advertising banner 44.6%
4 Whatever site I visit the same adverts appear 43.4%
5 A fake “YOU HAVE A VIRUS!” advertisement appears 34.4%
6 The images are huge so it takes a long time for the text to appear 34.2%
7 On a smartphone, my swipes to scroll get interpreted as clicks on advertisements 33.2%
8 Video adverts auto-play 31.4%
9 I need to be a paid member to read further 28.8%
10 After filling in a long membership form, it ends with a “That ID has already been registered” 25.6%
11 Facebook pages I can only read if I Like them 23.6%
12 The page is nothing but advertisements 18.6%
13= There is a close-up photo of some old guy 15.8%
13= The same column appears on various sites 15.8%
15 Entry fields have over-strict rules for valid text 14.4%
16 Something changes my start page without me knowing 14.2%
17 Advertisements that I thought were comics 5.8%
18 Advertisements are too personalised 3.6%


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