Encountering beautiful Japanese women


About how often do you encounter a beautiful woman? graph of japanese statistics

Here’s a survey, short but sweet (just like much of the subject matter), on women’s external appearance, conducted by SBS Tokyo, a beauty salon.


Over the 17th and 19th of February 2015 300 men between the ages of 20 and 49 who had the experience of a beautiful woman crossing their path completed an internet-based questionnaire.

Note that this is talking about catching sight of a beautiful woman while going about one’s daily activity, not hanging out at a club.

Excepting every day at home, I probably see a beautiful woman every few days; what I like the most is a good overall figure and poise, which includes the ability to walk not in the fashion of a drunken giraffe.

Research results

Q1: About how often do you encounter a beautiful woman? (Sample size=300)

Almost every day14.0%
Once every two or three days15.7%
Once a week21.0%
Once every two or three weeks11.0%
Once a month14.7%
Once every three months19.7%
Less than that4.0%

Q2: Where do often encounter a beautiful woman? (Sample size=300, multiple answer)

On trains, platform64.3%
On the street59.3%
In department, clothes stores35.3%
In restaurants, cafes25.7%
At work, when visiting other companies17.3%
On the busses8.0%
In parks5.3%

Q3: What external feature of women do you find beautiful? (Sample size=300, multiple answer)

Beautiful profile58.3%
Beautiful cleavage37.3%
Elegent legs36.0%
Beautiful figure33.0%
Style from behind32.0%
Beautiful hair29.7%
Almost transparent white skin29.3%
Sexy bum29.0%
Big eyes27.7%
Slender waist22.3%
Sparkling eyes18.0%
Small face17.7%
Sexy lips14.3%
Well-defined nose14.0%
Elegant hands7.0%
Elegant fingers, nails4.7%
Long eyelashes3.3%
No excess hair2.7%
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  1. james said,
    August 9, 2015 @ 20:31

    hey i am from africa.
    thanks for sharing such a amazing photos & story.

    i love Japaneses women, hope i day i will marry one girl from japan,

    god bless you japan.


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