Female English vampires in Japan


Have you ever had a romantic relationship with a foriegn man? graph of japanese statisticsWeblio recently published a self-serving survey into Japanese women’s views on international love, although given the sample group, the results here should not be used to extrapolate to the whole Japanese population.


Between the 24th of January and the 2nd of February 2015 471 female members of the Weblio service completed a survey performed using Macromill Inc’s Quick-CROSS tool. No age details were provided.

I’m not sure how common the phrase in the headline is, but there is a trait found in certain Japanese women who want their token foreigner man to show off to their friends, or just get free lessons off, thus the English vampire in the title. Actually, when I met my wife, she too was to some extent looking for just English conversation practice before a planned working holiday to the UK.

Research results

Q1: Are there foriegners at your workplace, school, etc? (Sample size=417)


Q2: Have you ever had a romantic relationship with a foriegn man? (Sample size=417)

Yes (to SQ1)62%
No (to SQ2)38%

Q2SQ1: Have you struggled with each of the following while having an international relationship? (Sample size=293)

 Very much soYesCan’t sayNoNot at all
Different words, miscommunication28%39.2%9.9%16.7%6.1%
Culture differences21.5%43.7%13.0%16.4%5.5%
Value differences16.4%36.5%18.8%20.5%7.8%
Living environment20.5%27.3%23.2%19.5%9.6%
Discrimination or opposition from family, etc, regarding international relationships9.2%18.8%19.1%27.6%25.3%

Q2SQ2: Would you like to have an international relationship with a foreign man? (Sample size=178)

Very much so (to SQ3)32%
Yes (to SQ3)30%
Can’t say18%
Not at all11%

Q2SQ3: Why would you like to have an international relationship? (Sample size=111)

 Very much soYesCan’t sayNoNot at all
Want to increase my opportunites to use English54.1%29.7%9.9%4.5%1.8%
Want to experience new values52.3%35.1%9.0%2.7%0.9%
Am attracted to their looks37.8%36.9%17.1%5.4%2.7%
They can express their feelings39.6%38.7%17.1%2.7%1.8%
Think they are gentlemanly34.2%29.7%28.8%4.5%2.7%
Want to learn about foreign cultures43.2%40.5%12.6%3.6%0.0%

Q3: Due to the Tokyo Olympics, etc, inbound tourism should increase, so do you think that in the future the opportunities to interact with foreigners will increase? (Sample size=417)

Very much so48%
Can’t say5%
Not at all1%

Q4: Which country’s men would you most like to have an international relationship with? (Sample size=471)

Rank Votes
10New Zealand13

Q5: Which foreign actors do you find attractive? (Sample size=471, multiple answer)

Rank Votes
1Orlando Bloom161
2Johnny Depp149
3Hugh Jackman136
4Brad Pitt133
5George Clooney127
6Tom Cruise109
7Will Smith97
8Jude Law90
10Keanu Reeves83
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  1. Louis said,
    April 21, 2016 @ 17:16

    I’m assuming the 9% who said No and the 11% who said Not at all must have had bad relationships with foreign men in the past. Either that or they’re just racist idiots.

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