One in five Japanese internet users have a tablet computer


Do you currently have a tablet computer? graph of japanese statisticsLifemedia Research recently conducted a survey into tablet computers. This is the sixth time they have conducted this annual survey; last year 18.8% of the sample owned a tablet, so ownership has grown, but of the non-owners, 46.0% last year wanted one, whereas this time the interest has dropped to 38.5%.


Between the 26th of December 2014 and the 7th of January 2015 2,400 members of the Lifemedia research panel completed a privagte internet-based questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female, and exactly one-sixth in each of the age bands of twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.

I recently got a free wifi-only eight-inch LG G Pad from my cable provider, but I’ve only actually used it once to update the software! My wife has rarely used it too, and her main use of the PC involves Flash applications, so I think the device will be gathering a lot of dust.

Research results

Q1: Do you currently have a tablet computer? (Sample size=2,400)

(to SQ1)
Don’t know what a tablet is

Q1SQ1: Do you want to buy, use a tablet computer? (Sample size=1,773)

 Currently investigating
(to SQ3 to SQ6)
Want to buy some time
(to SQ3 to SQ6)
Don’t want to buy
(to SQ2)

Q1SQ2: Why don’t you want to buy, use a tablet computer? (Sample size=1,090, multiple answer)

Computer is good enough66.5%
Smartphone is good enough35.7%
Don’t think I need it32.8%
Too big5.8%
Don’t have good WiFi, etc4.6%
Battery life seems poor4.2%

Q1SQ3: What size of tablet computer do you most want to buy? (Sample size=683)

Under six inches2.8%
Six to eight inches15.5%
Eight to ten inches21.8%
Ten inches or more14.6%
Don’t know, not decided45.2%

Q1SQ4: Why do you want to buy, use a tablet computer? (Sample size=683, multiple answer)

Seems useful to carry around44.4%
Could use instead of a computer58.6%
Could use instead of a smartphone22.4%
Can easily access the internet34.6%
Big screen seems easy on the eyes38.2%
Seems lightweight and easy to pick up and use17.7%
Photos, movies, etc seem easy to view11.9%
Seems easy to operate8.9%
Can operate by driectly touching the screen8.5%
Can use various apps8.5%
Want to use as an electronic dictionary7.2%

Q1SQ5: If you were to use a tablet computer, when would you use it? (Sample size=683, multiple answer)

While relaxing at home51.5%
To collect information while out30.9%
While lying in bed30.0%
To fill time while out27.2%
While travelling by train, etc26.6%
While watching television25.2%
At a travel destination22.8%
While working, studying16.8%
As a work tool15.4%
While talking with family, friends13.9%
Can’t think of any particular time3.7%

Q1SQ6: If you were to use a tablet computer, do you think a standard computer is also needed? (Sample size=683)

Yes, always70.4%
Yes, sometimes19.2%
No, not needed7.0%
Don’t know3.4%
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