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Do you think your generation can change Japan? graph of japanese statisticsMacromill Research released their annual look at the views of new adults yesterday, Japan’s Coming of Age day where new adults celebrate their new-found resposibilities by hanging out at Disneyland, dressing up in gang colours and assaulting police with fists and coffee cans.


Over the 9th and 10th of December 2014 500 members of the Macromill Monitor group who would be eligible to attend a 2015 Coming of Age ceremony (that is, born in 1994 or 1995) completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female.

In Q15, I am very surprised to see as many as almost 93% of the new adults on LINE! I knew it was big in all age groups, but not quite that big.

Research results

Q1: How do you see Japan’s future? (Sample size=500)

Perhaps bright32.6%42.8%
Perhaps dark55.6%45.0%

Q2: How do you see your own future? (Sample size=500)

Perhaps bright52.2%55.0%
Perhaps dark24.8%27.6%

Q3: Do you have dreams for the future? (Sample size=500)

Not at the present time32.2%
Don’t know8.6%

Q4: What kind of work would you like to do? (Sample size=458, students, part-timers, unemployed)

Civil servant19.7%24.4%
Company employee (technical)12.4%13.1%
Company employee (service)8.5%8.2%
Company employee (administrative)5.2%3.2%
Freelance professional2.6%1.9%
Company employee (manual labour)1.3%1.1%
Farming, fishing0.7%0.6%
Don’t know23.6%23.8%
Don’t plan to work1.7%2.5%

Q5: Do you feel unsure about finding a job? (Sample size=342, those answering with a concrete line of work in Q4)

A little39.2%
Not really14.0%
Not at all7.3%

Q6: Do you have expectations, hope for Japan’s government? (Sample size=500)

To some extent17.2%
Not really54.8%
Not at all26.6%

Q7: Do you think your generation can change Japan? (Sample size=500)

Perhaps not25.8%

Q8: What do you think about Japan’s pension system? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

 AgreePerhapsPerhaps notDisagree
I worry whether I will receive one62.8%28.2%6.2%2.8%
I think the pension system is necessary37.0%45.4%12.8%4.8%
I’m interested in the pension system16.8%47.8%26.2%9.2%
I think the pension system can provide a secure old age21.0%34.6%26.8%17.6%
I think the pension system can be sustained10.0%27.0%41.0%22.0%

Q9: How much do you trust the pension system? (Sample size=500)

Not really50.4%
Not at all19.4%

Q10: How many friends do you have? (Sample size=500)

One to four9.8%
Five to nine14.0%
10 to 1920.4%
20 to 2913.6%
30 to 498.0%
50 to 9911.6%
100 to 19910.6%
200 or more4.8%

Q11: How many of the friends in Q10 would you call close friends? (Sample size=465, those with friends)

One person14.0%
Two people18.3%
Three people19.1%
Four people4.1%
Five people14.2%
Six to nine people6.0%
10 to 19 people9.2%
20 or more people2.4%

Q12: How do you keep in touch with your friends? (Sample size=465, those with friends, multiple answer)

Frequent face-to-face meetings34.6%
Frequently reading their Tweets, Facebook page, etc29.9%
Frequently sending photos, stamps, etc with only a little text attached19.4%
Occasionally sending them Tweets, writing to their Facebook page, etc17.2%
Frequently sending emails14.8%
Don’t communicate with them unless they initiate it13.5%
Frequently phone them6.5%

Q13: How much do you agree with the following about friendships? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

 AgreePerhapsPerhaps notDisagree
I want a few, deep friendships42.8%39.6%12.4%5.2%
I want friends of the same sex20.8%51.0%22.4%5.8%
I sometimes feel maintaining friendships is bothersome27.8%41.2%22.8%8.2%
I want friends of the opposite sex27.0%40.2%24.0%8.8%
I’m bad at making friends29.0%33.4%25.0%12.6%
I want more friends19.4%41.0%31.0%8.6%
I sometimes feel lonely when I cannot connect with friends11.2%38.8%33.8%16.2%
I want lots of shallow friendships10.2%30.8%42.8%16.2%
I have problems I want to discuss with friends15.2%23.8%41.4%19.6%
I worry when I cannot connect with friends7.8%26.0%41.2%25.0%

Q14: Which of the following digital devices do you have and use? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Notebook computer71.8%77.0%
Android smartphone48.2%45.6%
Desktop computer18.4%24.4%
Non-smart mobile phone13.6%23.0%
Tablet computer13.2%10.8%

Q15: Which of the following SNS do you use? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Ameba Pigg6.4%6.0%
GREE SNS feature5.4%6.6%
Mobage SNS feature5.0%7.0%
Other SNS2.4%2.6%
Don’t use any SNS3.6%8.8%

Q16: How much do you agree with the following? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

 AgreePerhapsPerhaps notDisagree
It is very important to save money60.6%35.4%3.0%1.0%
I hold good manners and common sense in high regard62.0%33.0%3.8%1.2%
If one marries, the housework load should be shared26.6%55.2%12.8%5.4%
Whatever may be, the steady path is best25.2%56.4%15.4%3.0%
Rather than getting ahead in my career, I want to place priority on my private life28.2%49.0%19.8%3.0%
I’m poor at competing with people24.4%41.0%25.0%9.6%
I am an ecologically-minded consumer13.2%45.8%30.0%11.0%
If one marries, both working is ideal17.6%40.6%34.6%7.2%
Because one has pay attention to treating people, being treated, I don’t like it14.0%40.0%33.0%13.0%
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