internetcom recently reported on a survey by NTT Com Research (formally goo Research) into electronic cash, their third regular look at such a subject.


Between the 11th and 17th of December 2014 1,072 members of the NTT Com Research monitor panel completed aprivate internet-based questionnaire. 53.4% of the sample were male, 2.3% in their teens, 26.8% in their twenties, 21.5% in their thirties, 17.4% in their forties, and 32.0% aged fifty or older.

Pay with 
Note that in Q1, some portable computers have contactless IC Card readers built into them, and these may be used to make purchases over the internet in perhaps a more secure, but definitely more convenient way than typing in a credit card number.

I used to mainly use a non-JR (<a href=Hankyu Stacia, if you must know) public transport-related IC card, but since my recent move to the Tokyo area I’ve switched to Suica via my mobile phone, not a credit card. My second card was a WAON card, but in my new area there are fewer opportunities to use it.

Research results

Q1: What kinds of electronic cash do you use or have you used? (Sample size=1,072, multiple answer)

Using smartphone, mobile phone (to SQ) 23.0%
Used to use smartphone, mobile phone (to SQ) 3.9%
Using computer (to SQ) 15.1%
Used to use computer (to SQ) 3.3%
Using IC card (to SQ) 58.7%
Used to use IC card (to SQ) 3.2%
Never used any 26.6%

Q1SQ: What brands of electronic cash do you use or did you use? (Sample size=753, multiple answer)

Public transport-related (JR) 51.5%
WAON 35.2%
nanaco 33.1%
Rakuten edy 29.5%
Public transport-related (non-JR) 28.6%
Docomo iD 12.5%
QUICPay 6.1%
au WALLET 5.%
WebMoney 4.0%
BitCash 1.6%
majica 0.7%
Other 0.8%


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