Japanese expectations for the World Cup


Do you think Japan will progress past the league stage? graph of japanese statisticsWith Japan about to kick-off their World Cup tournament playing Cote D’Ivoire in just over seven hours time, I just have time to squeeze in this survey from @nifty looking at people’s expectations for the World Cup.


Between the 30th of May and the 5th of June 2014 4,694 members of the @nifty service completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were provided.

I’m probably going to watch the match tomorrow morning, although I might just have to listen in on audio as Sunday morning is my vacuuming time. For the final match against Greece, the office is have a group viewing on the hundred-and-whatever-inch television we have. The match is due to finish at 8:45 am local time, but as work officially starts at 8:30 the management has generously offered to, err, switch the telly off at 8:25 so we can all get ready for the start of work. I predict there will be more people taking holidays or finding an excuse to come in to work slightly later than actually watching in the office; I might even make up some excuse myself and attend a public viewing.

Research results

Q1: Are you excited about the upcoming World Cup? (Sample size=4,694)

Extremely excited20%
Somewhat excited34%
Not excited, but not disinterested19%
Not really interested15%
Not interested at all12%

The older people were, the more likely they were to be excited about the upcoming World Cup.

Q2: What are you excited about? (Sample size=4,694, multiple answer, top 10)

Japan’s squad playing well, winning61%
Japan’s individual players playing well42%
Watching the world’s best players33%
Watching games with family, friends7%
Talking about the World Cup with people7%
Having the economy improve7%
Watching a player I support from another country3%
Watching another country I support2%
Predicting the starting members, formation2%

Q3: Do you think Japan will progress past the league stage? (Sample size=4,694)

Hope so, but it’s difficult57%
Think it’s impossible7%
Haven’t a clue13%

Q4: How many matches do you think Japan will win in the league stage? (Sample size=4,694)

All three3%5%
Haven’t a clue18%34%

Q5: Who do you think will win the World Cup? (Sample size=4,694, top 5 answers)


Q6: Which Japanese players will you have your eye on at the World Cup? (Sample size=4,694, multiple answer)

Shinji Kagawa32%28%
Yuto Nagatomo31%24%
Yoshito Okubo28%21%
Keisuke Honda25%24%
Shinji Okazaki22%11%
Eiji Kawashima10%14%
Yasuhito Endo10%10%
Yoichiro Kakitani10%11%
Atsuto Uchida8%13%
Makoto Hasebe7%11%
Hiroshi Kiyotake6%6%
Maya Yoshida3%3%
Yasuyuki Konno2%3%
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