How often do you do ironing? graph of japanese statistics

One thing that I still can’t quite get used to in Japan is that despite most people being fashion-conscious, a similar amount seem to be iron-oblivious, with mildly-wrinkled clothes not being an unusual sight on both males and females. Therefore, when I found this survey from Happy Note, a parent-oriented child-rearing support site, looking at doing the ironing, I knew I had to translate it.


Between the 15th and 21st of May 2014 527 members of the Happy Note web site completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

My wife doesn’t iron, and I limit mine to trousers and shirts. My mother irons everything right down to socks, but none of that has rubbed off on me!

Research results

Q1: How often do you do ironing? (Sample size=527)

Almost every day 8.8%
Twice or thrice a week 16.6%
Once a week 23.3%
Once every two weeks 6.5%
Not really much at all 31.3%
Never 13.5%

Q2: What kinds of irons do you own? (Sample size=527, multiple answer)

Corded iron 53.1%
Cordless iron 42.2%
Handy type (multi-function) 3.6%
Dual corded and cordless type 2.8%
Double-headed iron 0.9%
Other 0.2%
None at all 4.3%

Q3: What kinds of ironing boards do you own? (Sample size=527, multiple answer)

Low fold-up type 58.2%
Flat board 24.0%
Tall stand-up type 4.1%
Other 0.4%
None at all 12.6%

Q4: Where do you do your ironing? (Sample size=527, multiple answer)

Living room 63.8%
Japanese room 21.6%
Bedroom 8.1%
Laundry room 2.8%
Children’s bedroom 2.1%
Kitchen 1.3%
Other 4.1%

Q5: When do you often do ironing? (Sample size=527, multiple answer)

Early morning (before 8am) 10.9%
Morning (8am to noon) 15.2%
Afternoon (noon to 5pm) 25.7%
Evening (5pm to 9pm) 26.3%
Night (after 9pm) 26.8%


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