“It’s just not my day!” train happenings


goo Rankings took a look at moments on the train or the station that make people think “It’s just not my day!”.


The survey was conducted over the 3rd and 4th of March 2014, and 1,067 people completed a private web-based questionnaire. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

My event, which happens about once a month, is when someone brings on a 551 Horai carry-out and stinks out the carriage with it. Incidentally, when I was in a slightly posh cafe once, an adjacent table was asked to wrap up their 551 Horai tightly to stop the smell bothering other patrons.

I can smell them just by looking at this picture…

Ranking result

Q: What moments on the train or the station make you think “It’s just not my day!”? (Sample size=1,067)

Rank Score
1When I get onto the platform just to see the train doors closing100
2Due to an accident, etc, when the train stops between stations and I get stuck inside79.3
3When someone who pongs something awful of tobacco is close by74.8
4When a drunk is close by71.1
5When a group of people talking loudly is close by66.7
6When the train is so packed that I cannot move64.6
7When passing through the automatic turnstyles and the person in front’s ticket gets rejected60.9
8When a train has been delayed for a while and I decide to try a different line and get off the train and it starts to move55.6
9When connections are not smooth and I end up spending a lot of time waiting51.4
10When I go for an empty seat, but someone else slips in before me50.7
11When someone with leaky headphones is close by45.9
12When I miss the last train40.4
13When I inadvertently forget to get off at the correct station39.4
14When the train timetables are disrupted and I am late for work39.1
15When I get on a train going in the opposite direction from which I want to go35.4
16When I can’t get on a train because it’s too full33.3
17When I want to go to a station that only the local trains stop at, but board an express instead31.5
18When I get onto the “Mild air conditioning” carriage in the middle of summer27.6
19When I get onto the wrong end of the train, and changing trains takes far too long27.0
20When I have heavy bags, but the floor is wet so I cannot set them down26.2
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