A recent survey by Dip, conducted to promote their anime holy ground (seichi) site, looked at otaku (geek, hard-core fan)-related matters


There were actually two surveys conducted. The first had a sample of 1,843 men and women aged from their teens to 49 years old, and the second involved a subset of 335 people from the original sample (I think – it is not too clear) who had identified themselves as otaku in Q1.

An otakumobile:

Although the demographics are confusing, there does seem to be an indication that the eldest child is an otaku. There is perhaps a reason involving Japanese family structure, but what that might be I have no idea! I welcome any wild speculation from my readers!

These holy grounds are the real life locations represented in various anime and manga; for instance, here is their entry for the hot springs and hotel in Sprited Away/Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.

Research results

Q1: Do you consider yourself an otaku? (Sample size=1,843)

Yes (to SQs (sort of)) 37.4%
No 62.6%

Q1SQ1: What position are you in the order of your siblings? (Sample size=335)

Only child 16.4%
Oldest brother, oldest sister 59.1%
Second brother, second sister 14.3%
Third brother, third sister 3.3%
Youngest overall 6.3%
Other 0.6%

Q1SQ2: Who of the following have found out you are an otaku? (Sample size=335, multiple answer)

Friends 67.2%
Parents 62.1%
Brothers, sisters 51.0%
Acquaintances 32.2%
Work colleagues 22.1%
Other relatives 20.3%
Other 4.8%
No-one 9.6%

Q2: What image do you have of an otaku? (Sample size=1,843, multiple answer)

Get lost in their favourite hobby 61.9%
Love anime 50.4%
Know a lot about a single subject 47.9%
Have their own little world 46.8%
Akihabara 45.6%
Determined 41.5%
Love manga 38.8%
Love computer games 37.8%
Wear a rucksack 23.5%
Female otaku numbers increasing 18.9%
Wear a bandana 14.5%
Wear check shirts 13.9%
Carry paper bags 13.7%
Recently stylish 6.0%
Trousers with lots of pockets 4.8%
Other 2.0%
Nothing in particular 6.2%


Reilah · May 15, 2014 at 07:11

Sorry, this may be a stupid question, but I’m kinda confused: What exactly is Dip?

MIchael · May 22, 2014 at 03:34

http://www.dip-net.co.jp/ Dream, Idea Passion

    Reilah · May 22, 2014 at 05:27

    Thank you!

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