Today’s survey from goo Ranking is a look at what words from a girlfriend would pour cold water on a boyfriend’s thoughts of marriage. For this survey, I have translated in the first person, although the question wording was obviously in the third person. There was no equivalent female survey reported yet.


The survey was conducted from the 24th to the 27th of December 2013, and 1,076 people completed a private web-based questionnaire. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. The survey was for men only.

Fortunately, when we were dating my wife never said any of the below, although I’ll refrain from reporting how many she has said since marriage.

Ranking result

Q: What words from your girlfriend would pour cold water on your thoughts of marriage? (Sample size=men from 1,076)

Rank   Score
1 A two carat or more brand-name engagement ring would be nice… 100
2 I won’t do any housework 95.2
3 My ex would just go and do that for me 86.6
4 I cannot feel any love in this present 74.2
5 It will be best to just chuck all of your collections away 71.3
6 Actually, I’ve entertained an approach from Mr ____ 64.6
7 I not interested in living anywhere other than a detached house in the city 63.6
8 Your family is a little odd 61.7
9 I’ll quit work on marrying, then can play all I want as a housewife! 60.8
10 I have no intention of having babies 58.9
11 (After trying my hardest to make a romantic proposal) That performance left me pretty cold 56.5
12 I don’t want my lifestyle level to lower after marriage 55.0
13 Is that all you’ve got in the bank? Save more properly! 52.2
14 As I want to show you off, we’ll need to have a flashy wedding reception 50.2
15 I’ve decided we’re having an overseas wedding 47.4
16 When we marry, I’ll hold the purse strings 46.4
17 Hmm, you plan to boast about that? 44.5
18 Hurry up and get promotion and a pay rise 43.1
19 I absolutely want to get married by __ years old! 42.6
20 I want to be kept fed for all my life 38.8
21 As you have no sense in clothes, I’m your stylist from now on 35.9
22 As you’re an adult now, why don’t you get a more adult hobby? 35.4
23= I cannot think about marriage yet 33.5
23= I’m not expecting great things regarding your earning power 33.5
25= You’re a fool who is always chasing his dreams 32.5
25= Don’t invite that friend to our wedding reception 32.5
27 I’ll come along if you get posted overseas, but you’re on your own if you’re posted domestically 32.1
28 (Regarding a pop star, actress I like) If you like her so much, why don’t you marry her instead? 31.6
29 I’m keeping all my salary for myself 29.7
30 I cannot picture myself being married 28.7


cynicalmadhatter · February 26, 2014 at 23:04

LOL, i think 2, 10, 23, and 30 a lot.

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