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Which iPhone map app do you use the most? graph of japanese statisticsMobile Marketing Data Laboratories recently conducted a pair of parallel surveys into smartphone map app usage and smartphone schedule app usage.


Both surveys were conducted between the 18th and 21st of December 2013. The map survey had 556 respondents, and the schedule one 560. All the respondents were pre-screened as smartphone users, and for the map survey 232 people, or 41.7% were iPhone users, and the remaining 324 people (58.3%) were Android users. No further demographic information was provided.

I don’t use maps on my private phone, and my wife serves as my calendar! She has both a smartphone and a standard feature phone, but she manages her schedule on the feature phone only, mainly because the battery life is better and it can do things like switch itself on when alarms ring.

Research results

Q1A: Which map app do you use the most? (Sample size=232, iPhone users)

Apple Maps27.2%
Google Maps47.0%

Q1B: Which map app do you use the most? (Sample size=324, Android users)

Google Maps71.6%

The next question was for the 473 people who used map apps.

Q2: How satisfied are you with the map app you use the most? (Sample size=473, map users)

Somewhat satisfied57.3%
Somewhat dissatisfied11.0%

Q3: What kind of tool do you use the most to manage your schedule? (Sample size=560)

Smartphone app (to SQ)50.2%
Paper schedule diary30.7%
Computer calendar19.1%
Paper calendar18.0%
Don’t use any20.2%

Q3SQ: What app do you use the most to manage your schedule on your smartphone? (Sample size=281)

Preinstalled app40.6%
Yahoo! Calendar10.3%
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