New Year Postcard lottery 2014 winning stampsThe winners of the 2014 New Year Postcard lottery for the Year of the Horse have been announced, and the winning numbers and prizes are as follows. The number to check is the six digit number at the bottom right of the card. Note that some cards do not actually have numbers, which means they are not eligible. This year they have simplified the prizes into three ranks from four the previous years.

First prize: last five digits 97085

10,000 yen

Second prize: last four digits 2344

Choose any one of 38 different products, from foods like mango juice to electrical items like an ultrasonic toothbrush.

Third prize: last two digits 72 or 74

Otoshidama stamp set – a fifty yen and an eighty yen stamp, pictured above.

If you have matched any of these, go to your nearest post office before the 22nd of July 2014 and either collect the stamps while you wait, or apply by post or fax for the second prizes. The full prize line-up can be seen here. How did you get on? I got just the one stamp set, sadly.

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