The scent of early middle-age Japanese men


Do you notice the smell of men in their thirties and forties? graph of japanese statisticsAn interesting, I suppose, survey from Lucido, a brand of men’s toiletries, where they conducted a survey into women’s perceptions of the smell of men in their thirties and forties.


During the month of December 2013 534 women aged between 25 and 49 years old completed a private (I think) internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were provided.

This male age band was chosen because one’s youthful hormones are fading, but are yet to be overtaken by old person smell, a smell which Lucido have named “Middle Fat Smell”, with an associated web site, which no doubt explains that said smell can be countered by ample application of Lucido’s product.

Actually, my wife has recently started mentioning that I smell (in a good way, she assures me!), although I do worry that I am developing Old Person Smell. However, this Scientific American article assures me that in blind sniff tests, it was actually rated more pleasant than young folks!

Research results

Q1: Do you notice the smell of men in their thirties and forties? (Sample size=534)


In particular, women in their forties (over 90%) were most interested (if that is the right word) in the smell of these men.

Q2: Where do you the smell of men in their thirties and forties? (Sample size=534, multiple answer)

In an elevator, other enclosed spaces60.5%
When we pass each other57.2%
On a train47.6%
In a taxi, car32.1%
In a queue26.9%
When I visit their house22.9%
In the office, meetings22.1%
On a bus20.7%
When they visit my house16.2%

Q3: What do you do when you encounter a smelly place or person? (Sample size=534, multiple answer)

Hold my breath59.8%
Turn my head and breathe some fresh air33.8%
Cover my nose, mouth with my hand33.6%
Wrap my scarf around my mouth, nose24.7%
Move to another location19.9%
Just grin and bear it17.7%
Wear a mask15.7%
Open a window8.7%
Suck a sweetie7.0%
Turn on air conditioning6.1%
Move to the ladies-only carriage on the train5.2%
Blatantly hold my nose1.3%
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