Tonight’s goo Ranking is a look at what words or actions by other people in the office annoy the Japanese.


The survey was conducted during the 31st of October and the 1st of November 2013, and 1,060 people completed a private web-based questionnaire. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

In the office, I do number 4, the first 6, 19, and the second 20. What annoys me but I cannot say anything about is frequent snorting back in of a runny nose, and people clipping nails; it’s both the sound of metal against metal and the clip noise that sets my teeth on edge.

Ranking result

Q: What words or actions by other people in the office bother you, but you feel unable to say anything about? (Sample size=1,060)

Rank   Score
1 Co-worker who has terrible coughs and sneezes but doesn’t wear a mask 100
2 Co-worker who has overpowering perfume 84.2
3 Co-worker who smells like an ashtray 71.8
4 Co-worker who frequently clicks their tongue 64.6
5 Co-worker who has permanently fidgety legs 52.8
6= Co-worker who frequently sighs 49.8
6= Co-worker whose headphones leak 49.8
8 Co-worker who puts their bag, other personal items jutting out into the passageway 48.2
9 Co-worker whose documents, items overflow into my space 47.0
10 Co-worker who spends a long time clicking their pen 45.8
11 Co-worker who, when sweets meant for sharing, keeps them at his desk 42.4
12 Co-worker who has an unnecessarily-loud telephone voice 40.2
13 Co-worker who yanks drawers open and slams them shut 39.9
14 Co-worker who drops crumbs all over the floor 39.7
15= Co-worker who takes their socks off at their desk 38.0
15= Co-worker who slams the telephone handset down 38.0
17= Co-worker who scatters rubbish all over their desk 37.0
17= Co-worker who bangs me with the back of their chair as I pass 37.0
19 Co-worker who talks to themselves loud enough for others to hear 36.4
20= Co-worker who eats smelly food like ramen or curry as their desk 35.5
20= Co-worker who batters their keyboard keys 35.5
22 Co-worker who hogs all the plugs for their own personal electrical goods 26.2
23 Co-worker who often forgets their security card and frequently asks me to open the door for them 25.2
24 Co-worker who fixed make-up at their desk 23.6
25 Co-worker who frequently cracks their knuckles, neck, etc 20.4


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