Four in five twenty year olds on LINE


How many friends do you have? graph of japanese recently published the highlights of a survey by Macromill into 2014’s new adults, where they chose to focus on SNS and friends.


On the 5th of December 2013 Macromill interviewed 500 members of their monitor panel who would be coming of age (20 years old) in 2014 through a private internet-based questionnaire. The sex split is not noted, but Macromill usually have a 50:50 ratio.

Note that in Q3 and the pie chart above, the Japanese word for “friend” used is a word that usually refers to real-life friends. Facebook friends use a different word, so the number reported was not just a simple totting up of one’s followers.

Research results

Q1: Which of the following digital devices do you own? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

 PercentageLast year
Notebook computer77.0%80.8%
Android smartphone45.6%37.6%
iPhone smartphone33.8%25.0%
Desktop computer24.4%30.4%
Feature phone23.0%42.0%
Tablet computer10.8%8.0%

Q2: Which of the following SNS do you currently use? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

 PercentageLast year
Mobage SNS features7.0%11.8%
GREE SNS features6.6%9.8%
Ameba Pigg6.0%8.6%
Other SNS2.6%3.8%
Don’t use any SNS8.8%17.4%

Q3: How many friends do you have? (Sample size=500)

One to four8.6%
Five to nine20.6%
Ten to nineteen23.6%
Twenty to twenty-nine9.0%
Thirty to forty-nine11.0%
Fifty to ninety-nine8.6%
One hundred to one hundred and ninety-nine8.8%
Two hundred or more2.2%
None at all7.4%

In further questions, 38.4% of those with friends said that they meet many of these friends in real-life, but on the other hand 28.5% said that they just follow many of these friends’ Twitter, Facebook, etc posts. Finally, about 13% very much agreed that they don’t initiate communicate with many of these friends, they usually wait for their friends to make a move.

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