What smartphone game genre did you play the most in 2013? graph of japanese statisticsJust before the New Year Mobile Marketing Data Laboratory published a survey of the actual use of smartphone apps in 2013, with this report focusing on the questions regarding game app usage; other questions were regarding social network apps and what genres of apps people stopped using. I hope they later release that data also.


Between the 18th and 21st of December 2013 560 members of the MMD Labo monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All the sample were 20 years old or more, and all had smartphones.

I reckon my most-used genre is games, and Candy Crush Saga in particular. SNS, Google+ specifically, comes a close second, however.

All the game links below lead to the Android version, if there is one. Only two titles appear to be iPhone only.

Research results

Q1: What genre of smartphone app did you use the most in 2013? (Sample size=560)

Free voice calls, chat 30.5%
SNS 14.5%
Game 9.5%
Weather 6.8%
Navigation 3.8%
Movie 3.6%
News 3.4%
Lifestyle 3.4%
Finance 2.7%
Work efficiency 1.8%
Photos, video camera 1.4%
Travel 1.4%
Electronic book, magazine 1.3%
Sports 0.7%
Dictionary 0.7%
Education 0.4%
Catalogue 0.2%
Health, fitness 0.2%
Business 0.2%
Medical 0.2%
Utility 0.2%
Entertainment 0.0%
Music 0.0%
Other 2.1%
None in particular 11.3%

Q2: Did you play any smartphone games in 2013? (Sample size=560)

Yes (to SQs) 52.5%
No 47.5%

Q2SQ2: What genre of smartphone game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Puzzle 48.0%
Virtual pet, virtual garden 7.1%
Simulation 6.4%
Action 5.3%
RPG 4.6%
Sports 3.9%
Quiz 3.9%
Adventure 3.2%
Trading card 3.2%
Education 2.1%
Table-top 1.8%
Shooting 1.8%
Escape 1.4%
Board 0.7%
Racing 0.7%
Trivia 0.7%
Coin (slot machine, etc) 0.4%
Defence 0.4%
Other 4.3%

Q2SQ2: Did you play any smartphone puzzle games in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Yes (to SQ3) 77.9%
No (to SQ4) 22.1%

Q2SQ3: Which smartphone puzzle game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=219)

Puzzle and Dragons 30.1%
LINE Pokopang 16.9%
LINE POP 11.9%
Candy Crush Saga 5.5%
LINE Bubble! 5.0%
Puyo-Puyo Quest 4.6%
Keri Hime Sweets 3.2%
Tetris Monster 1.8%
Escape Game DOOORS 3 0.9%
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Puzzle Great Battle 0.9%
Other 19.2%

Q2SQ4: Did you play any smartphone adventure games in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Yes (to SQ5) 31.0%
No (to SQ6) 69.0%

Q2SQ5: Which smartphone adventure game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=87)

Quiz RPG Mahoutsukai To Kuroneko No Wiz (Magic user and Black Cat Wiz) 33.3%
LINE WIND Runner 25.3%
Love Story! School Idol Festival 8.0%
Brave Frontier 8.0%
Monhan Daishuryou Quest 4.6%
Tokimeki Restaurant 4.6%
Legion War 3.4%
Treasure Detective Carrie 3.4%
Military RPG Blue Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1.1%
Thousand Memories 1.1%
Other 6.9%

Q2SQ6: Did you play any smartphone non-puzzle and adventure games in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Yes (to SQ7) 34.9%
No 65.1%

Q2SQ7: Which smartphone non-puzzle and adventure game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=98)

Dragon Quest VIII 19.4%
Rage of Bahamut 14.2%
Chain Chronicles 10.2%
Monster Strike 7.1%
Clash of Clans 5.1%
LINE Fish Island 5.1%
Sangokushi Rumble 4.1%
Gentou Senki (Mysterious Tower Military History) Griffon 3.1%
Gundam Conquest 2.0%
Legend of Monsters 2.0%
Other 24.5%


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