goo Ranking’s surveys usually exclude the more saucy possible answers to their surveys, but this one is a rarety, a straight-forward look at signs, actions, or words that indicate that a woman is open to spending the night together.


The survey was conducted during the 31st of October and the 1st of November 2013, and 1,060 people completed a private web-based questionnaire. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. Given the original Japanese answer wording, the answers were not limited to personal experience, although I have chosen to translate as if they were. Note that this survey was for the men in the sample only.

I think for this survey I’ll not tell you about my own experiences…

Ranking result

Q: What are the signs, words, actions that your girlfriend wants to spend the night together? (Sample size=male)

Rank   Score
1 Even though she knows it’s getting close to the last train she does nothing regarding returning home 100
2 She doesn’t talk at all about the last train 81.1
3 She doesn’t object when I touch her and looks for more 75.8
4 When the date ends, she doesn’t want to say goodbye 65.9
5 She touches me a lot 63.6
6= She tells me “It’s a pain to get back home” 47.7
6= She tells me “Since I don’t have anything particular on tomorrow, let’s drink the night away!” 47.7
8 As it gets time for the last train, she asks “What shall we do next?” 43.9
9 She tells me “If I return home I’ll be all lonely by myself” 41.7
10= She tells me “I’m getting all tired” 39.4
10= When I see her home, in front of her house she suggests “Why don’t you come up for a cup of coffee?” 39.4
12 She wants a restaurant with a private room or a bar counter where she can sit beside me 24.2
13 She asks “Why don’t we talk until the morning?” 21.2
14 She tells me “I’d like to see your pad” 19.7
15 She tells me “I’m tired and I’d like to rest” 18.2
16 She comes straight out with “Could you put me up at your place until the morning?” 17.4
17 When talking about movies she asks me “Why don’t we watch a DVD at my place?” 16.7
18= She comes on the date with a travel-sized case 15.2
18= As it gets close to the last train she asks “Why don’t we go somewhere else?” 15.2
20 She knocks back the drinks at a fair pace 13.6
21 Around 10pm she suddenly invites me out 12.1
22= She says “My stomach’s sore!”, “My feet are killing me!”, etc, hinting she doesn’t want to walk any more 9.8
22= She asks “Can I come round to your place to borrow a book?” 9.8
24 She repeatedly says “I want to drink some water”, hinting that she’s rather drunk 6.1
25 She asks “I’m tired so why don’t we get a taxi?” 3.8

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cynicalmadhatter · March 8, 2014 at 04:03

18= She comes on the date with a travel-sized case. I laughed somehow.

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