This will be the last survey of this year, from goo Ranking and looking at what enjoyable but time-consuming task people want to do.


The survey was conducted during the 31st of October and the 1st of November 2013, and 1,060 people completed a private web-based questionnaire. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

Happy New Year of the Horse to all my readers! Above is a typical scene from the Japanese concept of First Footing, a midnight visit to a temple.

Ranking result

Q: Over the coming New Year, what enjoyable but time-consuming task do you want to do? (Sample size=1,060)

Rank   Score
1 Address my New Year postcards by hand 100
2 Queue up from the early morning for the January Sales 71.2
3 Go to view the first sunrise of the year 65.2
4 Make Osechi New Year feast 63.6
5 Go to listen to a temple bell ring in the New Year 44.7
6= Make mochi rice from scratch 37.1
6= Plan a New Year party 37.1
8 Plan a countdown party 35.6
9 Wear traditional dress to the New Year visit to a shrine 28.0
10= Do traditional New Year calligraphy 27.3
10= Make traditional Seven Herbs Rice Porridge 27.3
12 Make traditional New Year soba noodles 27.3
13 Make food, sweets to take to parents when I return to my hometown 22.7
14 Make my own New Year decorations 18.9
15 Make a traditional New Year flower arrangement 14.4
16= Make a battledore 12.1
16= Try making a traditional dish from another area of Japan 12.1
16= Put a drawing of a Treasure Boat under my pillow in order to have a good New Year’s dream 12.1
19 Make my own kagami mochi 9.8
20 Make my own original traditional playing cards 7.6


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